Logli’s dirty little secret

Time to wake up, Winnebago County.

Paul Logli, Winnebago County state’s attorney, one of your lifelong bureaucrats, has fashioned his publicly elected job into his own little fiefdom. Let me share my experience. It happened to me, it could happen to you.

It all started when my dad purchased a skidloader (digging machine). He was provided a legitimate bill of sale from an individual recommended to us by a respected business associate and personal friend. My dad asked me for permission to park the machine in my driveway until he could secure a trailer to move it to his house. I happily obliged to help the person who has helped me so many times.

Several weeks later, I received a phone call from the referring friend, telling me that the individual my dad purchased the machine from had been charged with stealing and we should call the cops. We did. The police came to the house and completed a full investigation. I cooperated and even invited them into my house. I was later horrified when my dad was notified that he was out the skidloader and several thousand dollars. At this point Logli ARRESTED MYSELF AND MY DAD.

As a result of our arrest, I’ve been attending court for a year. I’ve watched Logli’s minions toil over piles of files. It’s no wonder Logli’s criminal justice system is clogged to the point of dysfunction.

It’s important to note that Logli rarely tries cases. The saying around the courthouse is if you want Logli to show, you have to have a television camera or at least a print reporter. Do you have any idea how much money this guy is wasting every day by delaying cases for no reason? He doesn’t either because there is no data collection and analyzing system functioning for such records. Logli’s attorneys have never even been prepared to try our case. They have to keep requesting continuances. I’m a native of Rockford who has paid more than $5,000 in property taxes to support the very government that now attempts to persecute me. I even voted for Logli in the past. Neither my dad nor I have had so much as a speeding ticket in more than 10 years.

My dad is a cancer patient—he has colon cancer. He is also retired. He has a colostomy and receives regular chemotherapy. About eight weeks after being charged by Logli, he had a stroke at home. As a result, the entire left side of his body was paralyzed. The direct cause of his stroke was higher than normal blood pressure and stress—no doubt brought on by the harassment.

My dad’s illness prompted him to sell a previous business and buy the skidloader—his favorite toy. Logli couldn’t tell the difference between a criminal and a retired gentleman with a lifetime of service to this community, who was duped by a career criminal. Logli charged my dad with a FELONY. Want to know why Logli says he needs a new jail? Aren’t you curious about his dirty little secret of a record jail population? It’s because he wants to increase the size of his department—more power, more control, more money.

This politician has brought me to court more than a dozen times during the last year. He has wasted thousands of dollars in public time and money, while my case has been shuttled endlessly. It’s no wonder he has so many people in jail. Our jail is filled to capacity with people who don’t belong there. It appears his plan is to prey on people who don’t have the money to speak for themselves. Most of the people in jail are indigent and can’t afford bail. I suspect many may actually be innocent.

It’s time for Logli to go. I have to admit, I would have never found out about Logli’s big mess if I hadn’t been arrested. I have explained all this to Logli in writing—he ignored the letter.

Eister Kang, Winnebago County public defender, told me last week [Sept. 30-Oct. 3] that Logli’s office dropped charges against me. In court, Logli’s prosecutor reneged on their promise.

After 12 months of wasting the taxpayers’ money, Logli still couldn’t do the right thing. In court, they set yet another date for proceedings. Because I’m outspoken and write letters, it appears Logli and the police want to teach me a lesson.

I’ve learned a lesson all right, but it’s different than the one he intended. What I’ve learned is Logli’s dirty little secret. If we allow him to continue unchecked, soon his jail will be the biggest growth industry in the county. However, our crime rate will still likely remain the highest in the state.

What was Paul’s biggest case in the last year? Was it violators of fireworks laws, or was it deciding what government agency to sue? This man has become arrogant and needs to be replaced during next election. Show him this is not his county. It belongs to the people who elected him. If we don’t dump him soon, how big will his mess be by the time he retires?

Logli managed a misdemeanor conviction of a retired gentleman with colon cancer. Logli helped cause his stroke as a result of the stress and increased blood pressure he

suffered during Logli’s conviction of him.

Protect and serve or persecute and convict? If such a scenario happened to me, it could happen to you. Logli is out of control, he needs to leave office. He has broken our trust.

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