Lord of the Dance visits Coronado

July 1, 1993

Lord of the Dance visits Coronado

By Lisa Palmeno

By Lisa Palmeno

Staff Writer

Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance comes to the Coronado on Tuesday, April 23.

Listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the “world’s fastest feet” (35 taps per second), the Irish-American dance champion still oversees the show as his world-famous troupe tours the world, although he no longer performs in the shows.

The story of good versus evil, depicted by 35 dancers (two leads, two supporting leads and the chorus) is accompanied only by two flutes and a singer. One of the chorus who has been with the troupe since 1998, Shaun Casey, has been learning and performing Celtic dances since the age of 10. Casey auditioned for the role upon graduating high school. He says there are occasional turnovers in cast, but not very many. Casey says most of the dancers are the original members who started with the show in 1996. Casey says it has been a great opportunity for him and that he looks forward to continuing touring with the troupe.

Bob Herro, chairperson of the Rock River Valley Celtic Society, commented on the influence Riverdance and Lord of the Dance have had on furthering the interest in Irish culture: “I think it’s had a huge impact. Riverdance just originated as an 8-minute portion of a larger show, which just developed into something even larger. Because of that larger thing, I think that the number of boys and girls getting involved in Celtic dance is amazing.”

Herro and his wife, Jean, have been attending the Irish Fest in Milwaukee for around 20 years. It’s the largest Celtic fest in the world, he says, even larger than anywhere in Ireland, with an estimated 140,000 patrons annually. He says Rockford’s 2nd Annual Celtic Fest, slated for July 20 & 21, promises to be larger than last year.

Show time for Lord of the Dance is 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $29-$49 and can be purchased by calling the MetroCentre Box Office at (815)968-5222.

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