Loves Park resident needs fairy godmother

If you were suddenly told that you only had a few months left to live, what would be your ultimate wish? Luckily, while most of us consider that question, we never have to give a final answer. Unfortunately, Laurel, a late-forties mother of an 11 year-old daughter from Loves Park has been forced to answer that very question. And she does have one final wish that she would love to come true, but she can’t do it alone.

Laurel is rapidly losing her battle against breast cancer. For her final wish, Laurel would like to visit Alaska with her husband and daughter.

In a letter to Fairygodmother Foundation, Laurel had this to say: “My husband is a prostrate Cancer survivor, and I have Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. We are struggling financially, receiving only Social Security benefits. I have always wanted to visit Alaska, and my husband was born there. We would love to show our daughter where he was born.”

Laurel has turned to Chicago-based Fairygodmother Foundation for help with her final wish. Fairygodmother Foundation is a unique 501(c)(3) charitable organization facilitating wishes for adults (18 and older) facing terminal illness (having a year or less to live) and the family and friends who love them. The charity is six years old, and has granted nearly 600 wishes in 44 states. Fairygodmother Foundation’s Wish Granting Program brings hope to a fragile and frequently overlooked population in their time of greatest need by turning dreams into reality.

Unfortunately, Fairygodmother Foundation’s wish requests far exceed its resources. Donations are crucial in continuing to make important End-of-Life Wishes come true for people like Laurel, who face losing their lives all too soon. We are eager to grant this mother’s wish, and to let her forget about an illness that will strike her down in the prime of her life. To make Laurel’s wish come true, Fairygodmother Foundation needs your help.

To make a tax-deductible donation (or volunteer your support) to make important end-of-life wishes—like Laurel’s—come true, call Fairygodmother Foundation at (773) 388-1160, or send a check to the address below. Your gift will help a very special person like Laurel, whose life will be cut short by terminal illness, enjoy at least one moment of immeasurable happiness with her family while she still has time.

“What we provide, with the help of the caring people who support us, is something that medicine cannot provide – peace, closure, and cherished memories,” said Bonnie Tunick, who founded Fairygodmother Foundation after losing her father to colon cancer. “It is a very unique and powerful gift.”

For further information, contact Fairygodmother Foundation at 1341 W. Fullerton Ave., Box 179 Chicago, IL 60614-2362 773/388-1160. E-mail or visit the charity on the web at

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