Major new attack looming?

A top market analyst says another major terrorist attack may be in the offing in Europe or the Mideast. Jim Sinclair, a renowned expert on the gold market, said he has noted suspicious trading in gold and the dollar.

Sinclair said the signs of terrorist activity in the marketplace appeared after Israeli armed forces assassinated Khaled Khreiwish, the spiritual leader of Hamas, the terrorist group.

The analyst said at that time he began to note a pattern of market intervention which, he said, means a new group or a new strategy is in play on world markets.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has also reversed his position on prohibiting the assassination of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, saying he may become a target.

Insiders recall the pile of questionable “put” options on airline and other stocks just before 9/11. Those events have never been adequately investigated. Further, many of the records pertaining to such investigations were lost in the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Sinclair, a former adviser to the Hunt Oil family, said the mysterious market intervention is driving up the price of gold and the dollar. He thinks that move may be designed so someone can benefit from a huge terror attack either in Europe or the Mideast, which will cause investor flight to dollars and gold.

That, he said, would kick the price of a barrel of crude oil to $60 or more. Prices at the pump would jump substantially under that scenario.

Sinclair wants the CIA or the National Security Agency to look at the footprint now, showing in respect to the dollar, and determine if the pattern matches the airline options trading just before Sept. 11.


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