Manzullo, ‘McManufacturing’ and mistakes

Manzullo (R-16) has suddenly seen the light and now suddenly knows that he has spent 12 years leading all of us into the jaws of NAFTA and the WTO.

Sure, the light had to be shined into his eyes by his biggest contributors from the manufacturing community in the district before he could see that his policies were destroying us. Mr. Manzullo would say he is the chairman of Small Business; therefore, he’s always been for small business. He may be the chairman, but his support for small business is a fiction he cannot prove with facts.

All the free trips to China won’t make up for what he has done to us in the 16th District. But his president’s loyal followers are trying to save Don. They are going to make restaurant workers into manufacturing workers! They say, “Building a car or building a burger is the same thing!” and “We already claim butchers in the manufacturing sector, why not waiters?” This will be a great day for our congressman because it will appear that 1.5 million new jobs have been created—1.5 million substandard, poverty wage jobs that a teenager shouldn’t have to do, but jobs nonetheless. Once the job numbers are up, we can work to get the few folks not working two or three terrible non-career track service jobs into community colleges to learn the skills of the future.

Don will be able to regain his composure and continue to sing the praises of misguided policies and his anything-for-a-buck attitude. He’ll be able to stop saying members of the administration should resign and resume saying they are doing what is best for us. He will bravely say yes to anything Hastert tells him, and once again toe the party line like he’s done for 12 unremarkable years.

The only trouble is Manzullo has let the cat out of the bag. He has indicted himself, as chairman of the Small Business Committee, as a lead player in the fight to bust unions, destroy education, send us to war and send a message to business that anything goes with his Republicans. Now, after an about-face, we are to believe he is all for the small businesses he has led to the edge of destruction?

He may even murmur a few pro-union words. Too late.

He has lost the trust of the district. The district knows his opinions change with the wind.

The people now know the true deceit that comes from his lips. McJobs are not manufacturing jobs. Community colleges can’t train workers for future jobs that don’t exist, and he was never for the family firms he claimed to be helping.

I don’t believe a tiger can change its stripes, and I don’t believe Manzullo can represent this district.

John Kutsch is a college teacher, the owner of a small engineering consulting company, and the Democratic candidate for the 16th Congressional District seat.

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