Mayor's Youth Advisory Council announces launch of Youth Values campaign

The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (MYAC), in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Education and Lifelong Learning and the City of Rockford Human Services Department, announced the launch of its new youth-focused values campaign, the “nFACTOR.”

The 16 high school students appointed to the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council this summer will spearhead this new youth movement.

The campaign and youth movement will target the root causes of youth issues such as crime, school dropout rate, truancy, substandard post-secondary enrollment, teen pregnancy, drug use and more. The campaign and youth movement will include youth-targeted print and media public service announcements, publicize monthly events that encourage positive activities for high school youth, promote community service opportunities, and encourage youth to join the nFACTOR movement. Collaborative partners in the nFACTOR movement and youth campaign include the United Way of Rock River Valley, the Rockford Mass Transit District, Rockford Public Schools, the Rockford Park District, the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois, and MedicineMan Graphics.

The nFACTOR marketing campaign is the joint creation of MYAC and MedicineMan Graphics, who initially met with MYAC students to conceptualize the look, slogan and message of the campaign. The students came up with their own list of names for the movement, and MedicineMan consulted with them to help shape a name that would encompass the entire movement, but still resonate with Rockford youth. Thus, the “n” was born, initially standing for NOW as in, “Now is the time.” The current teen youth demographic is also referred to as the “Now Generation.” By shortening it to “n,” the concept can be used as the visual identification in a stand-alone logo with addition of FACTOR clearly defining the movement’s purpose, to be a “factor” in youth decisions. The “n” also serves as a precursor to other words that the movement can use to name various functions such as nEVENTS, or to raise positive statements such as Be nCHARGE, Get nVOLVED, Be nSPIRED, and Get nPOWERED. In addition, the nFACTOR’s mission statement is “Eliminating barriers between young people and success.”

Lindsay Forman, a member of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council and a senior at Christian Life High School, is eager to see the nFACTOR movement take form.

“I believe that the nFACTOR movement is going to be a great opportunity for youth to take a strong hold of their future and make positive decisions that will impact the rest of their lives,” Forman said.

A comprehensive media campaign is in the conceptual stage as MedicineMan continues to work closely with MYAC to develop print, billboard, radio and television advertising. More specific details of the campaign will surface over the next few months. An nFACTOR merchandise program is also in the works, initially focusing on membership to nFACTOR and the initial branding of the movement. Ultimately, merchandise and other membership benefits will be available at

Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey is excited about the campaign and subsequent youth movement. “The nFACTOR is an opportunity for Rockford youth to take the lead in targeting issues of indifference, lack of aspiration, mediocre values and a lack of commitment to excellence among their peers,” said Mayor Morrissey.

Kevin Lindenberg, a member of the MYAC and a senior at Guilford High School, agreed. “The nFACTOR will be a positive message designed to keep youth off the streets and off drugs, which will lower crime,” he said. “It will also focus on the value of education, which will help keep kids in school. This will ultimately change the City of Rockford, making it a better community for everyone.”

From the Sept. 6-12, 2006, issue

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