Mayors Daley and Scott meet

July 1, 1993

Mayors Daley and Scott meet

By Frank Schier

Mayors Daley

and Scott meet

By Frank Schier

Editor & Publisher

Rockford Mayor Doug Scott met with Mayor Richard Daley at Chicago City Hall on Tuesday for “about an hour,” according the City of Rockford’s Communications Cooridinator, John Strandin.

“Mayor Doug Scott described the meeting as ‘friendly and cooperative.’ They agreed to continue to talk about and work together on several issues,” said Strandin.

Strandin said three issues were the focus of most of their discussions: airport congestion, gateway beautification and municipal customer service.

Chicagoans may dial 311 for problems with, or questions for, city departments or officials. Scott had discussed this concept for Rockford during his mayoral campaign.

Strandin said staff from both mayoral offices will continue to follow up on the mayors’ discussion.

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