Media condone terrorism in Mideast

Media condone terrorism in Mideast

By David Hale

Media condone

terrorism in Mideast

It was a bad day to be alive in Israel. A bomb exploded in a pizzeria, killing 15 people, six of whom were little people. Two months prior, it was a bad day to be alive in Israel when 21 teens were blown up in similarly murderous circumstances. However, it was a good day to be a journalist. News was happening, and the shark-like encirclement began with video, still photos and then hard news copy. Something about Jews being murdered catches the eyes of the world’s media cameras.

In the subsequent post mortem, the pundits followed with heartfelt denunciations of not the Palestinians but of the Israelis. The innocent lives not yet enearthed, leftists from the world’s news organizations, including many here in the USA, blamed the carnage on Israel as though their news stories came directly from PLO media portals. Some of the blame was outright, and some came in the form of moral equivocation.

They reasoned that since Israel killed six Hamas leaders who were in the middle of poring over maps and suicide bomb strategies, killing those innocent Israeli children was justified payback. And if that wasn’t enough, the two innocent Palestinian children blown up in the missile attack on Hammas were the biggest reason. No mention that those two Palestinian children were conveniently positioned in front of Hamas headquarters in perhaps another case of militant Islamic human shielding. We saw it in the Gulf War. We see it in stone-throwing Palestinian youths shielding machine gun-shooting Palestinian terrorists every day on CNN. We conveniently never see those terrorists behind the kids throwing stones.

The loss of those two Palestinian kids’ lives was equally tragic even if the missiles that killed them were not targeting them in contrast to the suicide bombs that targeted Jewish children in the pizzeria in particular. Barely a word rose up in opposition to the rants and irresponsible accusations of the world’s rag-writing journalists. No matter what the pictures said, something about the logic of carefully crafted words and rationally created paragraphs immediately softened the impact of those lives lost, especially the six little ones with pizza left undigested in their little bellies.

Very few opportunities exist any longer to bring the American old world constitutional form of free speech to the modern world of not only national but international affairs. The meeting of old standards and new world reality is rare, if not extinct. Those people entrenched in what most people consider legitimate news organizations have proven their biases and slants and have been awarded the highest positions of power in our society and in society around the world—that of pen wielder.

That old cliche that the pen is mightier than the sword is no more evident than when innocent women and children are blown to bits by murderous cowards, and the blame is not placed on the murderer but on the victim. It seems every news story that appears mentions Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a terrorist or mentions the disproportionate casualties of Palestinians to Israelis while never mentioning that many of those Palestinians are killed by the PLO for collaborating with the Israelis.

Even more tragic is the ever-increasing evidence that it is the sword wielder who controls the pen wielder. Independence in journalism has surrendered to activist journalists who have surrendered to official government findings and statements. College graduates see journalism as the fastest and easiest way to power and establishing a voice in the cacophony of voices and ideas.

No longer is journalism seen as a public service to inform but as a public means to persuade and outright manipulate public opinion and perception. And because Americans are the busiest people in the world with a variety of voices vying for their attention, only the most cursory review of information can be acquired, and thus opinions are quickly formed and highly subjective. This latter condition is an even bigger reason for journalists to tell the truth about every detail they cover from a corrupt public educational system to the genocidal policies of militants in the Middle East. Americans should expect more from journalists. Perhaps now would be a good time to demand it from our local news sources to our national news sources. Don’t remain silent in the face of journalistically justified publicide.

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