MetroCentre Union Vote: correction and additions

MetroCentre Union Vote: correction and additions

By Frank Schier

By Frank Schier

Editor & Publisher

In last week’s article “Union in MetroCentre? Walsh in trouble?”, the average of MetroCentre General Manager Brad Walsh’s bonuses over the last three years was given as $32,700. That amount is incorrect. His average bonus of the last three years is $23,700.

The Rock River Times regrets and apologized for the error, particularly in the light of I.A.T.S.E. Local #2 Director of Organizing Dale Posey’s statement in the same article: “Brad usually gets around $50,000 bonuses every year, and we’re just trying to bring some of that back to the workers.”

Walsh’s highest bonus in that period was $36,600 in fiscal year 1999. The lowest bonus in that period was $11,700 in fiscal year 2001.

Walsh said his yearly salary is $64,480.

In addition, MetroCentre part-time stagehands did vote to join The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees last Wednesday by an overwhelming majority.

Rumors continue that some MetroCentre board members are unhappy at the higher costs that will come with the unionization and the spill-over possibility of full-time workers unionizing as well.

As to the possibility of his dismissal, Walsh said, “I’m still doing my job.”

Walsh said the vote to unionize “was clearly our employees’ right to determine such a choice, and we will respect their voice in the matter.” He went on to say, “In our 20 years of operation, and in our future negotiations with I.A.T.S.E., our main objective regarding this department will remain consistent. That is to provide the highest-quality production staff in servicing our facilities and clients at a competitive wage, consistent with our internal financial constraints and the market and industry in which we compete for quality events and activities.”

“I am extremely proud of the qualified staff we have assembled over the years in this department, and I am confident that our future relationship with these same employees, under this new arrangement, will allow us to continue our successful operation into the future,” said Walsh.

CentreEvents is responsible for the programming and management of the MetroCentre, Coronado Theatre and Davis Park at Founders Landing.

Representatives from I.A.T.S.E were unavailable for comment.

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