Mickey Rooney still entertains fans

While older Hollywood movie stars are often forgotten as time passes, Mickey Rooney is determined to stay in the limelight. The multi-talented actor recently brought his “One Man, One Wife” show to the Jubilee Theatre at the Clock Tower Resort. As the first performer in the Jubilee Celebrity Series, Rooney and his wife, Jan, performed Jan. 29-30, staging two shows each day.

During a recent press conference at Cliffbreakers, the sociable Rooney continually said he was “proud to be here.” His shows include singing, dancing, and a healthy dose of comedy. “It’s a trip down memory lane,” he said.

Along with his wife, Rooney stays busy by performing the show more than 200 times a year. When asked what keeps them motivated, Jan laughed, “We’re broke!” Jan proved to be quite charismatic and said she enjoys watching the audience light up when her husband takes the stage. “We like to bring some happiness to people,” Mickey added.

At 83 years old, Rooney has led a full and interesting life. He appeared in his first movie at age 3 and went on to become a celebrated Hollywood star in the 1930s and ’40s. He continued to build up his acting résumé and starred in a number of musicals. Rooney pointed out that, to date, he has been in an astounding 350 films. His skills also earned him a number of awards, including an Emmy, a Tony, and two Oscars.

The New York native has had a well-publicized personal life as well. He has been married eight times, including to actress Ava Gardner. Additionally, he is credited with giving Norma Jean Baker the stage name, “Marilyn Monroe” and discovering Sammy Davis, Jr.

After all he’s accomplished, Rooney still remains humble and approachable. “Remember to be nice to people,” he said simply.

With his high energy level, Rooney doesn’t show any signs of stopping, or even slowing down. “Don’t retire; inspire,” he asserted. Jan says they continue to perform for their fans. “He still has it.”

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