More laws restrictions to the citizens

The new seat belt law, which allows the policing authorities to now stop citizens at random or with so-called “probable cause,” is another sign that our civil rights are again showing signs of continued erosion. I don’t deny that wearing seat belts saves lives, but is it the government’s business to police us in this manner? If the police believe you were observed without your seatbelt fastened, watch for those rotating red lights to follow. That’s called “probable cause.” Don’t forget, while being stopped for this hideous law, perhaps the police detect some other infraction that they can attach to the already ridiculous violation. Does “To Serve and Protect” really mean to Serve Citations and Protect Us From Ourselves? Remember, citizens, when you receive one of these little gems, this is a “must appear” citation and now you “the citizen” must join the other “shameless violators that failed to protect themselves” to pay the fine. Does the already overburdened court system really need this aggravation or is this just another way of tapping the citizen’s pockets? What about those drivers who eat, drink and drive, the reckless or road ragers, talk on their cell phones, put make-up on, read maps, newspapers or books adjusting the radio or inserting those CDs, the smokers, daydreamers and the sleepers? How about those older people who drive too slow or the young people that drive too fast? Need I go on and on and on? “Why aren’t they all pulled over and issued a citation?” Gosh, I hope they all have a valid driver’s license and current insurance! Perhaps, they are the reason the rest of us are required to wear seat belts! See how ridiculous it all has become when, we as citizens, fail to keep the lawmakers in check? When do all of these “feel good” legislation laws stop and common sense takes over? Keep informed, people, or watch your civil rights disappear before your very eyes! Robert Dixon is a Rockford resident.

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