Most AFSCME locals endorse Doug Scott

Most AFSCME locals endorse Doug Scott

By Shellie Berg

By Shellie Berg

Staff Reporter

Despite one dissenting AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) local favoring mayoral candidate Independent Larry Morrissey, all other AFSCME organizations have endorsed candidate Democrat Doug Scott.

About 25 AFSCME workers and heads announced their support for Scott at the state representative’s mayoral headquarters Friday.

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AFSCME consists of Local #1275 (Rockford school bus drivers); #473 (Winnebago County employees); #692 (Rockford Educational Paraprofessional workers); #3362 (Singer Mental Health workers); #448 (state employees); and #1058 (Rockford municipal workers).

Local #1058 endorsed Morrissey on March 6. Kathy Lane, president of Local #448, declined to comment on its decision.

“We endorsed Doug Scott because of his record on labor,” Lane said, speaking for all locals.

She believes that if Scott is elected, labor union members will have a voice and partnership to resolve issues. “There would be issues involving the City of Rockford such as school-related issues that we, of course, are concerned about,” she remarked.

Lane noted that for the Rockford schools, Scott appears to be focused on the budget and will assure children’s needs are met.

As for Scott’s position as state representative for the 67th District, Lane alluded to Scott helping along legislation. “He’s been able to assist us with the legislation in regards to the pension for state workers,” she noted, adding that Scott has a 95 percent voting record for the labor force.

Lane said AFSCME has approached Scott with issues and he’s listened. One example is that he endorsed a bill to regain collective-bargaining rights for the public defender of the city. He also supported state employees on pension, Lane added.

“Doug’s past record as an individual who supports the rights of the working people should be and is important not only to our local, but it is important to the City of Rockford. There’s a lot of factories in this area that are of the working people. I know Doug has actually supported the working people and will continue to support the working people of the City of Rockford.”

Scott’s campaign coordinator, Gina DiBenedetto, said it’s gratifying and exciting that the five locals endorsed Scott. “They had personal experience with his leadership,” she said. “And they feel very comfortable that he would do a good job as mayor of Rockford.”

In regard to #1058 endorsing Morrissey, she said, “Every local is entitled to endorse whom they want to endorse.”

Scott was unavailable for comment.

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