Motel triggers complaints

July 1, 1993

Motel triggers complaints

By Joe Baker

By Joe Baker

Senior editor

Residents in the 4200 block of 11th Street are disturbed at activities in and around a motel at 4205 11th St., known as the Six Penny Inn.

Shopkeepers and others in the area claim open prostitution and drug dealing are in progress there. Those allegations were confirmed by Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro of the Rockford Police Department.

Residents had hoped that road work planned for the area would result in demolition of the motel. Instead, it will remain while two businesses will be leveled. The state told them razing the motel would require relocating 50 families.

A businesswoman in the area said there were reports that the motel ownership had advertised in Chicago that housing was available for low-income families at the motel.

She said there is a school bus stop there and that prostitutes parade back and forth at the traffic light. She acknowledged police are trying to control the situation. “Police are in the parking lot all the time,” she said.

Others think not enough is being done. Iasparro said the situation is not one that is simple to solve. “We’re hitting it hard,” he said. “We’re out there every night. We have made numerous arrests. We are trying to address the problems there with the owner,” Iasparro said.

Meantime, residents hope the situation will be resolved before too long.

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