Mountain adventure comes to Chicago

“As I got off the lift, I realized the weatherman had made a mistake. The sky was ominous, and the temperature was dropping fast. A heavy snow started and visibility dropped… I had to find a safer way down the mountain. The intermediate trails I took earlier led nowhere.

“Studying the map, I saw a shortcut through the trees to an intermediate trail that did go somewhere: a lodge.

“I took the shortcut.”

With his mind made up, there was no looking back. This decision led CEO and avid skier Nick Williams on a three-day ordeal of sheer will and survival on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

In his book, Behind the Mountain, Williams lets his 1998 drama unfold not only in his own words, but in the words and views of all those involved. His remarkable survival is seen by this survivor, and related, as a team effort.

Through his trial on the mountain and the stories of past corporate successes, Williams drives home his incredible faith in the people around him, and through this faith finds the strength to stay alive.

You can meet the man behind the mountain on the launch of the national distribution of his book. It begins in the Chicago area on Wednesday, April 28, and runs until May 1.

The events start with a survival lesson and book signing at REI, at the Four Flaggs Shopping Center in Niles at 7 p.m. with a repeat performance on Friday at the REI, at 17 W. 160 22nd St. in Oakbrook Terrace. For information, call 847-470-9090.

Thursday, at the Lakeshore Athletic Club of Chicago, 211 N. Stetson, there will be a reception and presentation beginning at 5 p.m. Call 773-725-2750 for more information.

Saturday wraps it all up with a question and answer session along with a book signing at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 1441 W. Webster Ave., Chicago. Contact Katey at 773-871-3610 for more information.

I found Behind the Mountain a rewarding, potentially life-changing experience. I must say that it is difficult to find time to read in my very busy schedule, but once started, I could not stop reading. I hope you will find it as compelling as I did.

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