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The Musicians’ Directory is published four times per year.

2 Kold/Chromepiece Studios—RAP/HIP-HOP, 964-6798

420—ROCK, Mike 505-9920

7th St. Allstars––ROCK N’ ROLL,

A Classic Chorale—SENIORS IN SONG, Jackie 398-5181

A.C. & War Production—LIVE HIP HOP/R&B, 218-9631, e-mail:

Acme Blasting Co.—ROCK/POP/DANCE COVERS, Bill 969-8411

After Dark—CLASSIC ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, Larry 874-1408 or Rick 968-1249

Agnus Jackson—Chad 282-0825, e-mail:

Airbag—ROCK/FUNK/PSYCHEDELIC, Jason 227-4104


Aloha Islanders & Kamoku Nani Hula Halau—Hawaiian music/Hula dancers, 399-1917 or 398-2754

Bach Chamber Choir—CLASSICAL CHORAL, Joe Caulkins 963-8431 or 393-3075

Back In Time—’60s & ’70s ROCK, 877-9678.

Backstreet Crawlers, The—FUNKY GROOVES AND HOUSEROCKIN' BLUES, Pete 540-3034

Bare Bones—CLASSIC ROCK, Pat 877-3477

Basement Blues Band—Toetapping blues, Rich 399-7140

Beat Merchants—JAZZ/BLUES, J.F., days 399-4584

Bennett Cook—ONE MAN 12-String Band/FOLK/BLUES/COUNTRY, 399-8932

Big Daddy Woo Woo's Funk Revival—FUNK, Lou Rios, 399-7292.

Bill Doll Trio—JAZZ, 399-6456

Bill Engberg Orchestra: Ken Flodin, 633-4753.


Blue Lightning—POWER BLUES/ROCK, Steve or Maggie 968-4202

Blues Hawks—Original, COntemporary, classic, Blues/Rock. Full song management, Dave Hanson 226-9588;

Boulas Trio—JAZZ/BLUES, Doug Furze 399-9067

Broken Man—Hard Rock, Doug 282-5441

Brother K—Rock/Blues, Dave 962-8201

Bruce Hecht—ACOUSTIC FINGER-STYLE, 633-9205

Bullet—ROCK, Dalton 964-7029

Cardenas III Generacion—LATIN POP & TEJANO,Omar Cardenas 282-4489 or 227-9212

Chaos A.D.—PUNK ROCK, Mel 543-3767

Chip Messiner—ONE MAN COUNTRY BAND, 877-9678

Class Reunion—CLASSIC ROCK/OLDIES, Dave 874-7869

Classic Gold—’50s & ’60s, COUNTRY, Sundance 234-8751; Lonewolf 335-7086

Close Range—Acoustic Rock Duo, Gary 865-5599

Clutch Cargo—CLASSIC ROCK/OLDIES, Joe 633-7533, or

Christian Fellowship Band—226-0558

Crunchy Frogs—Classic Rock & Blues, Steve Swick, 554-3061 or Jesse Nichol, 986-7302; e-mail:

Crush Ivy—ROCK, John Juliano 885-2254

Dan Voll—Guitars; e-mail:;

Dean Moriarty—JAZZ, 962-7571;

Diamond Dog—HARD ROCK, Tim 547-9768

Diamond Dave and the Italian Rat—Karaoke, Fred 654-3422


Dove Load—Jammin’ Power trio rock, or Jeff 229-6787

Doug Fleming––ACOUSTIC FOLK/ORIGINAL ROCK. 399-2375.

Dreadnaught—NEW AGE METAL, Jamie Early 732-7890

Duclamara—POP/ROCK, Casey Bankord 332-5530

DVS—CLASSIC ROCK & ROLL/BLUES, Larry Ubben 734-4415,

Dysfunctional—ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC ROCK, Doug Eid 914-4210

Edge, The—ROCK, Roberta 282-4473

Electrick Medicine—CLASSICAL ORIGINALS, Tony 629-2747

Eric Gomez Project––JAZZ, BLUES, REGGAE, JAM, Eric: 505-0063.

Ernie & the Po’ Boys—Lynn Bennehoff 239-458-2661 or Link 962-7492/519-6708

Fantastic Times—PROFESSIONAL DISC JOCKEYS, 1940s TO MODERN, Chuck 654-1449

Fellas, The—BLUES, (608) 365-0114

FTO—RAP/ROCK/FUNK, Scott 275-4072

Fusion––CLASSIC ROCK & ROLL, John: 979-2341.

Gardenia Big Band—SWING/JAZZ, 874-5151

George (G.W.) Smith & Family—ORIGINAL COUNTRY/FOLK. 732-3425

Ghostown Playboys—CLASSIC ROCK, Roger, 765-2176 or 765-2740

Gladstone Bag—Original Music and folk and Blues, Tony 629-2747

Gravity Ann—MODERN ROCK/ORIGINALS & COVERS, Chris 965-9683 or Mark 297-9042;

Groove Weasel—ROCK, Don Cuppini 289-4207

Harlan Jefferson—JAZZ, FUNK/R&B, 1/888/530-9026

Henry Hamberlin, Jr.—JAZZ, 282-8293

Higher Ground—ROCK ’N‘ ROLL, Frank Calvanese 963-0099

Horns & Halos—PUNK ROCK BASED HIP-HOP/ORIGINALS, Lil’ Pete 519-0917

Hot Rod Hank and the Hollowbodies—ROCKABILLY, Jim 969-9683

Jack Brand Quartet—JAZZ, 229-3131

JAH Volunteers—ORIGINAL & CLASSIC REGGIE, Rob, 282-4647, 961-9391


Jinger Christal—Top 40 Country/Pop. 877-9678

Jodi Lynn Beach Trio—STANDARD JAZZ, 961-1183

Joey LaPastora—FOLK/ACOUSTIC ROCK, 282-4028

Jus Cuz—’60s top 40 Party Rock, Ron 399-1692

Ken Curtis—FOLK, (608) 741-0775 or

Ken Jarczyk Jazz Group—QUALITY JAZZ, 964-8903

Kickin' Brass—HORN ORIENTED DANCE VARIETY, Mike Giacalone 623-1316 or Greg K. Myers 654-9170

King James Version—GOSPEL/CHRISTIAN HIP-HOP, 222-4605

Kouncil Koraliers—YOUTH CHOIR, Susan Williams 963-6765

Kroeger Concerts—EARLY BROADWAY/HOLLYWOOD, baritone & pianist, 825-2107


Laurie Hein and Friends—JAZZ TRIO, Laurie Hein (608) 676-4020

Loren Hecht—CABARET, 633-1344

Lost Thoughts—HEAVY METAL/HARD ROCK, Lance 235-8128

Matt Spinello—JAZZ, 226-8844

Men of Our Times—ROCK/VARIETY, Gary 633-4527

Mendelssohn Club Chamber Orchestra—CLASSICAL ENSEMBLE, Lynn Andreini 964-9713

Mendelssohn Club Chorale—CHORAL GROUP, Lynn Andreini 964-9713

Mike Williamson Music Productions—, 229-6852

Missing Links—CLASSIC ROCK/OLDIES, Dan 229-7558

Mixed Company—RETRO POP. 399-2248

Moon Dogs—CLASSIC ROCK/OLDIES, Dick 877-5795

Moonlight Jazz Orchestra—JAZZ, Curt 874-9165

Morning After-HARD ROCK, Booking—Brian 316-2830,

Mourning Glory, The—GOTHI-DELIC, Stu 298-0077

Mr. Big Stuff—CLASSIC ROCK/VARIETY W/ HORNS, Paul 624-0182

Mr. Pill—ALTERNATIVE ROCK, Chris 394-3918

Night Shift—COUNTRY/POP/ROCK,, 397-5313

North South Connection Band—COUNTRY, ’50s-’60s, Ellen 633-3897

Old Fashioned One Man Band—VARIETY OF MUSIC, Banjo, Harmonica, Drums, Trumpet, 637-4479

Old School—CLASSIC ROCK. Kevin 637-4252 or Tom 637-1064

One Drum—WORLD, Afro-Caribbean, Latin and World groove, David Stocker 394-0911

Orange—NEO-FARCICAL/ROCK, Paul 877-7695 or Jim 962-8179

Peeved—HEAVY ORIGINAL ROCK, Eric 962-0805

Pimps, The—NEW ROCK, GT 965-1624

Pistol Pete—398-9433

Pop Eye Jonesin‘ for Offbeat Shinanigans—PUNK RUCKUSS, Jon 398-8168 or Ben 399-2003

Porch Pickers––MOSTLY BLUEGRASS, Patty: 877-2336.

Prairie Wolf—Close Range Acoustic Rock Duo, Mike 248-9029 or 895-5599

Prime Time Live Band—POP/RETRO/Variety, Kerry 332-2244,

Pulse 18—HARD ROCK, Russ 397-4959, or e-mail:

Puzzled Monkey—ALTERNATIVE, Dave Peterson: 633-3881 days; 654-7648 evenings

Richie Cole—JAZZ (SAX), Richie (305) 495-1809

Rick Burns—VARIETY/JAZZ/R&B, 229-7537

River City Sound Chorus—Barbershop/Popular, Jeannette Whitman-Martin 639-9692

Robin Banks—POP ROCK, Dana 877-7176 or Mike 964-6158

Rockford Chamber Players—Brass and String Ensembles-LIGHT CLASSICAL, Becky and Tom Asher 229-0963

Rockford Christian Fellowship Band—35 PIECE CONCERT BAND, Karl Burdick 399-3694

Rockford College Music Academy—CLASSICAL ENSEMBLE, Martha Frantz 226-4168

Rockford Symphony Orchestra—CLASSICAL ENSEMBLE, Mark Hanson or Dottie Mapes 965-0049

Ron Rainwater Band—Variety of Music, 229-5118

Route 2—Country/Rock, jason 636-0675

Run-a-bouts, The—TOP-40 COUNTRY WESTERN & OLD TIME ROCK ’N‘ ROLL – Darrell 654-2262 or Jeff 877-0229

Ryan Swanson—JAZZ, 226-8566/262-1792

S.O.S.—CHRISTIAN METAL/ROCK, Matt 227-0490 or 871-0642

Sauce—NEW ROCK, contact T.J. 969-0524

Salva Me––ACID JAZZ FUSION, 608/931-6605.

Scott Chemello “The I

talian Elvis”—ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST, page: 720-3225 or Kathy 637-1916

Second City Chorus—BARBER SHOP/POPULAR/CLASSICAL CHORAL, Greg Martin: days 877-9416; nights 963-6263

Second Sunday—ROCK, Brian Andersen 962-4686 or Joel Rostamo 885-1197


Silt—NEW ROCK, My Dog Murphy 378-8066

Simply Blues—BLUES, e-mail:

Simply Fab—A BEATLES TRIBUTE, Jeff Keefer 654-3657, e-mail:

Slick Nickel—COUNTRY ROCK, Frank 282-5023

Sneek Prevue—PARTY ROCK, Roberta 282-4473

Solace—rock/alt., SilverOak Productions, 243-3862; e-mail:; Web:

Southview—Mike 873-1793

Spencer Park—SOLID ROCK, Daniel 639-0931; e-mail:

Sphere Saxophone Quartet—Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Lynn 226-7105 or Rick 229-8754

Stan Reese Take Four—JAZZ, Stan 965-3444

Steve Bogdonas—SOLO JAZZ/CLASSICAL GUITAR. 399-2248

Steve Ditzell—GUITARIST, Steve 968-4202

Still Smokin’––CLASSIC ROCK, ‘70s & ‘80s, Michael: 520-3341.

Stone Free—CLASSIC ROCK WITH ATTITUDE, Pete 540-3034 or Chad 519-0828; e-mail:

SoundTrack—RETRO/POP/DANCE, Bob Marchione 633-4453, e-mail:

Southern Cross—TOP 40 COUNTRY, 877-9678

Suite Oblivion—MELODIC ROCK ’N‘ ROLL, Paragon Productions, Inc., 397-2022 or (888) 972-2022,

Sveas Soner Chorus—SECULAR, RELIGIOUS, FUN TUNES, English & Swedish, Al Von Rotz 399-8937, e-mail:

Syberite—FUTURISTIC ROCK, Stomberg 732-3425

Terry Dodge—IN YOUR FACE FOLK, 397-2595

Tim?—HARD ROCK, 229-3198

Tiffany Trio, The—CLASSICAL AND LIGHT ENSEMBLE, Betty Leeson 398-1369

Toad Soup—CLASSIC ROCK/BLUES, Split Pea Productions 636-9466

Tom Mac Group—FOLK, LATIN, ROCK, 877-7530

Tom Marken Trio—JAZZ, 633-0990

Too Deep—FUNK/R&B, Cedric Hanserd 963-8322

Tres Elliot—FUNK, ROCK, BLUES, 964-8453

Trio A Go Go—CONTEMPORARY JAZZ. 399-2248

Trish Ramsten Trio—JAZZ, Trish 568-5107

Twice Daily—Irish/Scottish traditional tunes/ ballads, Peter MacDonald 633-6663, e-mail:

Twisted Diamond—neil Diamond with a twist, Marilyn Rose (608) 365-5995

Up For Grabs—BLUES/ROCK, 961-1324

U.R.B.—CLASSIC ROCK, Joel Blomberg 227-1554 or John Falzone 229-3715

Mike Vaccarello—JAZZ/BLUES, SWING/STANDARDS, 962-2649 or 964-1869

V. Jumapao—OBSCURE ROCK/THEATER/noise, Rockford Record Company,

Val Eddy Trio—JAZZ, 226-0973

Vince Ippolito—ALTERNATIVE/VARIETY, Drums/Keyboard, 285-0086,

War on the Saints—Rockford Record Company,

Watershipdown—NEW ROCK, 964-3655

Wayward Wind—TRIO ’40s to ’90s, 877-1446

We’re All In This Together (formerly Twisted Sisster)—KARAOKE, 865-5599

Whalebone—blues/funk/rock, Soundloud Productions, 243-9252,

For a listing, call 964-9767

From the April 27-May 3, 2005, issue

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