My Resolutions for the year 2002

My Resolutions for the year 2002

By Stanley Campbell

My Resolutions for the Year 2002

(1) I will strive to be less persnickety and more accepting, less sarcastic and more genuine, less suspicious and more trusting.

(2) I will try to pay more attention to the less fortunate in this community and at least give them as much time as I give to the rich and famous of Rockford.

(3) I will try to make my office more presentable and less of a mess.

(4) I will try to reopen the Peace Store, maybe around next Christmas season. (Yes, through the loss of our best volunteer, the Peace Store is now closed. CherryVale Mall can rest easy.)

(5) I will try to eat fewer dead animals and more green vegetables. I will encourage restaurants in town to serve healthier fare.

(6) I hope to participate in the closing down of at least one more bar on Seventh Street (one down, four to go).

(7) I will help the nonprofit housing groups turn boarded-up houses into occupied homes. That includes Zion Development, Rockford New Hope and Habitat for Humanity (any others?).

(8) I will not speed or run red lights, and I will treat my fellow motorists with respect and courtesy.

(9) I will not make deprecating remarks about politicians, even though they might deserve it.

(10) I will plant trees and try to use recycled paper.

(11) I will exercise more.

(12) I will display my collections more, instead of keeping them in boxes. (I have a great peace button collection—but don’t get me started!)

(13) I will not be superstitious!

(14) I will go to church more often.

(15) Downtown is a great place, and I will spend more time and money there instead of the east-side strip malls. (Nothing personal, I just miss all the farmland and prairie under those parking lots.)

(16) I will date more.

(17) I will be less prejudicial and try to go out of my way to meet people of different ethnic backgrounds. I will not tolerate racial epithets!

I hope you all have a very happy and healthy new year, and may we all at least do just a little better in 2002.

Stanley Campbell is executive director of Rockford Urban Minsitries and spokesman for Rockford Peace & Justice.

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