Nasal washing works to improve voice quality

Singers beware, reading this may convince you to irrigate your nose.

Nasal washing makes sense, is safe and effective and perhaps most importantly, improves voice quality. First, let’s make sure the basics are understood. Exposure to irritants such as bacteria, virus, allergens as well as smoke and pollution can cause swelling of the mucous membranes, increase in mucus production, discharge becomes thick and sticky, and the normal flow of drainage gets backed up. A buffered salty solution washes particles out, shrinks swollen nasal membranes, increases the filtering mechanism of the nose, thins secretions, and opens the tiny sinus openings. Medical studies have clearly demonstrated that regular nasal irrigation will reduce symptoms and medication use related to nasal congestion, reduce the number of infections one experiences. I developed the perfect delivery system, the Nasopure bottle, so a 3-year-old as well as a senior citizen can do it.

Singers, radio hosts, and others who use their voice tell me nasal washing has been helpful in several ways. It moisturizes the vocal cords, prevents drying of membranes and reduce “cracking” of the voice. Singers specifically require less lubrication (drinks) during performances when nasal washing is used on a regular basis. Those who enjoy a cappella especially appreciate that the middle ear canal allows appreciation for the subtle changes in tones. Nasal discharge is reduced with regular washings, and thus breathing is improved. When a singer or speaker can easily inhale through the nose, the soft palate lifts, creating more space and IMPROVES voice quality. As I tell my patients regarding any recommended treatment option, “you must look at the pros and cons of each option offered prior to making a decision,” so how can washing with salt water hurt?

People are more apt to wash their nasal passages if it was incorporated into their daily routine, like shampooing hair, brushing teeth, washing hands and yes, nasal washing!

Nasal cleanliness is central to good health.

Dr. Hana R. Solomon, M.D., is a practicing physician, with years of experience in helping patients with nasal, sinus and ear problems caused by colds, allergies, infections and exposures to pollution.

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From the Feb. 1-7, 2006, issue

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