National Pet Month sparks new service to homeless pets

WIXOM, Mich.—Previously, finding where a lost pet belongs was the responsibility of each individual shelter/rescue—until now. In honor of National Pet Month’s goal to increase public awareness about our pets and services available to professionals who work with animals, HelpmefindMYPET launched its new complete recovery system.

Previously, shelter/rescues had to take the time away from caring for displaced pets to track every microchip found, which, on average, consisted of at least five phone calls per pet. The new service introduced by HelpmefindMYPET’s emergency call center makes all the necessary phone calls to every registry, breeder, retailer and owner to find the most current identifying information for that particular animal for any shelter/rescue. The new program is aimed at decreasing the number of lost pets that never find their way home and increase the amount of time for shelter/rescue to care for the animals and find homes for homeless pets.

Approximately 8 million pets enter shelters annually. Forty percent are lost pets. “Oftentimes, shelters have to spend a great deal of time contacting registries, breeders, pet shops and multiple people to find the home of an animal,” said Nick Acosta, president of HelpmefindMYPET. “The workers should be free to care for the animals, and now our service allows them to do this.”

HelpmefindMYPET will also continue providing the pet community with its proactive “Amber Alert”-like service. In the event that a pet is lost, owners can send out an alert in the form of a poster with the pet’s identifying information to every shelter/rescue, breeder, veterinary clinic, grooming shop, retailer and member within a 50-mile radius. For more information, contact HelpmefindMYPET at (866) 699-FIND (3463) or visit online at

from the June 6-12, 2007, issue

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