Natrually Rockford: Cease sneezing with simple, natural allergy remedies

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.—As the sneezing and runny noses of allergy season approach, many people are busy filling their allergy medication prescriptions. Sher Demeter, LAc, a faculty clinician at Northwestern Health Sciences University’s Natural Care Center at Woodwinds in Woodbury, Minn., encourages allergy sufferers to try acupuncture as a natural and effective treatment for allergies. Acupuncture not only relieves symptoms without side effects, it can improve overall health, says Demeter.

“Most over-the-counter allergy medications focus on controlling symptoms,” says Demeter. “However, acupuncture treatment focuses on both short-term symptomatic relief and also the root cause of the disharmony in the body. Hopefully, by strengthening lung and immune functions and constitutional strength, allergy attacks will be reduced in frequency and severity over time,” says Demeter.

Since the body is more fragile during seasonal shifts, Demeter recommends having a series of acupuncture treatments once a week before the change of season. Chronic allergy sufferers should begin to put a acupuncture into their long-term regimen of health and maintenance, according to Demeter.

Acupuncture treatment frequently includes herbal prescriptions. Herbs can be tailored to each person and help to alleviate symptoms by building the body’s immunity and strength, according to Demeter.

“If your friend comes in at the same time as you with the same allergy symptoms, you won’t necessarily get the same herbs,” says Demeter. “Herbs are tailored to your own physiology.”

In addition to bringing relief during an attack, treatment with acupuncture and herbal medicine can improve overall health. As the underlying causes of allergy symptoms are addressed, sleep may be more restful, and digestion and energy levels improve, according to Demeter.

Acupuncture is an important treatment choice for chronic allergies. “In my own practice and in the experiences of my colleagues, many patients have benefited,” says Demeter. “Acupuncture and herbal medicine are natural approaches that effectively relieve symptoms and offer long-lasting results.”

For additional information about health screenings, go to, a Web site focusing on natural approaches to health and wellness hosted by Northwestern Health Sciences University.

from the April 11-17, 2007, issue

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