Natural vitamin blends important in pregnancy

Natural vitamin blends important in pregnancy

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At no other time in a woman’s life is proper nutrition more important than during her pregnancy. For this reason, pregnant women are often instructed by their doctors to supplement their diets with a daily multivitamin.

Choosing the right multivitamin can present challenges because formulas vary in potencies and nutrients delivered. While almost all multivitamins contain RDA amounts of vitamins and some of the minerals, almost none provide the ideal amounts of four of the most important vitamins and minerals for mothers during pregnancy: calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D and folic acid. Additionally, supplements can upset a pregnant woman’s sensitive stomach, possibly causing her to abandon her vitamins at a time when they are most needed for her feeling of well-being, as well as healthy fetal development.

A major consideration in choosing the best prenatal multivitamin is finding a formula that contains optimal potencies of all the vitamins and essential minerals that are necessary for the development of a healthy baby, especially calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D and folic acid. And, of course, it should be gentle on the stomach.

Calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D are important for bone health at all stages of a woman’s life, and particularly during pregnancy. However, it is often difficult for a mother to get enough calcium in her diet to adequately nourish her own bones, let alone a developing baby’s.

A 1999 double-blind study of 256 prenatal women found that women who took about 1,200 (milligrams) mgs or more of supplemental calcium carbonate daily during their second and third trimesters of pregnancy improved their newborn’s bone density by approximately 15 percent. And magnesium has long been known to increase bone density, as has Vitamin D.

In addition, The National Academy of Science recommends that all women who are planning to become pregnant begin taking 400 (micrograms) mcgs of supplemental folic acid daily to lessen the risk of neural tube defects, which involve incomplete development of a baby’s brain and spinal cord. Women who took at least 400 mcgs of folic acid daily, (starting before or at conception) lowered the risk of neural tube defects by about 48 percent. Very importantly, higher doses of 800 mcgs of folic acid per day in a multivitamin produced a 5 percent greater reduction in the risk of neural tube defects (up to about 53 percent). Even higher doses (up to 4,000 mcgs per day) typically reduced the incidence of neural tube defects by 60 to 70 percent.

Although folic acid is found mostly in green leafy vegetables, certain grains and orange juice, it is difficult, if not impossible, for a woman to get the higher optimal amounts from her diet alone. This makes it important to add a high potency supplemental source of folic acid.

The balance of the nutrients, rapid disintegration of tablets, and perhaps a natural source of gentle enzymes can be important factors in making a prenatal supplement gentle on the stomach.

SuperNutrition, a research-based vitamin company founded in 1977, incorporated the latest information in prenatal nutrition to develop the highest quality prenatal daily multivitamin possible, the PreNatal Blend. The PreNatal Blend has been used safely and effectively by thousands of women, nationwide, for almost a decade. It delivers a comprehensive, all-in-one formula with all of the vitamins and more of the essential minerals and supporting nutrients than any other prenatal multivitamin, including a full 1,200 mgs of calcium, 600 mgs of magnesium and 1,000 IU of Vitamin D. And it is the only prenatal multivitamin to deliver a full 1,000 mcgs of folic acid.

PreNatal Blend is enriched with papaya, alfalfa and other fiber-rich superfoods to make it more easily digestible. It is gentle on a pregnant woman’s sensitive stomach, and therefore easier for her to take her vitamins every day. All the ingredients are hypo-allergenic (containing no yeast, wheat, gluten, buckwheat, pollen, dairy, corn or soy residues, or any hidden additives). The PreNatal Blend is safe for mothers with many common allergies.

Michael Mooney, SuperNutrition’s co-founder, explained his company’s objective in offering PreNatal Blend. “Never more than during pregnancy is a woman’s body under greater stress, with her reservoir of nutrients called upon to feed both herself and her developing child. We designed PreNatal Blend to deliver the optimal dosage of essential vitamins and minerals, as opposed to ‘just enough’ amounts. By offering the highest quality prenatal multivitamin, balanced to give the best nutritional support all the way down to the cellular level, we help moms feel better during pregnancy and get their newborns off to a better start.”

For more information on The PreNatal Blend and a free copy of Fact v. Fictions’ reports on Calcium and on Vitamin Safety Dosage, please call 1-800-262-2116, or visit

SuperNutrition’s vitamin blends are available where natural products are sold.

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