Naturally Rockford: Better World herbal line sustains people, plants and planet

AMHERST, Mass.—Providing electricity to a remote Peruvian village. Instituting fair wages for native farmers. Helping to preserve parts of the Amazon Rainforest. These are a few examples of what Enzymatic Therapy, Inc., intends to accomplish through its new Better World herbal products, designed to sustain people, plants and the planet (

According to the World Health Organization, herbal medicine is the No. 1 category of medicine in the world.

“But the herbal industry has inherited a system of poverty wages and poor environmental practices,” said Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, ethnobotanist and Explorer in Residence at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. “Better World was designed to safeguard the indigenous cultures that have been the custodians of natural plant-based medicines through the millennia, and their native lands. Better World supports above-market wages, ethical trade, and benefit-sharing for the people who cultivate, harvest and work with medicinal plants in the fields. It also promotes vital community services like health care and education.”

Kilham, author of 13 books, has collaborated with Enzymatic Therapy to develop the Better World line. He has conducted research on medicinal botanicals in India, China, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, Syria, Siberia, Malaysia and the South Pacific, and hosts his own television series, Medicine Hunt, on the Healthy Living Channel.

“We are hopeful that Better World influences other companies by creating a positive model for the natural products industry,” said Randy Rose, president and CEO of Enzymatic Therapy. “The vision of Better World is integrated with helping people lead healthier lives, safeguarding our fragile planet’s resources and providing sustaining support directly to the native peoples whose traditional wisdom and resources we use in our natural medicines.” Enzymatic Therapy, which manufactures more than 200 natural medicines and dietary supplements, was first to introduce standardization to the supplement industry.”

The development of Better World is designed to counteract bio-piracy and insensitive profiteering at the expense of people and the environment. We are all one humanity, and our planet is one small dwelling place,” said Kilham. “Protecting plant medicines and the people who work with them is essential to the future of global health care.”

Leading up to the creation of Better World, Kilham spent years working with various native peoples, including those in the Amazon Rainforest and the Central Highlands of Peru, as well as other locations. He continues to work with local shamans (herbalists and spiritual leaders) to learn about their cultures and the healthful treasures they have long maintained.

The Better World product family features the Amazon Rainforest-derived Acai, Saventaro® Cat’s Claw and the Peruvian/Andean superfood Maca. The products include the following:

Shaman Smoothies promote energy, stamina and a greatly enhanced feeling of well-being.

Acai Berry Adventure is a delicious source of free-radical protection and energy powered by organic Sambazon® Acai and rare Amazonian herbs. Acai, known in the Brazilian Rainforest, where it is harvested as “The Fruit of Life,” has one of the highest known levels of natural antioxidants, delivering 10-30 times the antioxidant protection and free-radical-fighting power of red wine. Acai Berry Adventure, made with hand-harvested organic Sambazon®Acai, oat fiber and whey protein, features a blend of organic Acai, strawberries, organic cranberry, elderberry, mangosteen, bilberry, camu-camu berry and pomegranate for a true antioxidant explosion.

Maca Spice Chai is a delicious, time-tested source of sustainable energy, endurance, mental clarity, and enhanced libido powered by Maca and traditional, energizing, hand-harvested Amazonian botanicals. Made with Maca and organic honey, oat, fiber and whey protein, Maca Spiced Chai can be enjoyed in the morning or blended in the afternoon for an energy boost, and contains less caffeine in each serving than a cup of instant coffee.

Radical Rainforest Defense is an extraordinary source of antioxidant protection powered by wild-harvested Sambazon® Acai and Coffee Fruit Extract. Acai is an organic rainforest fruit and has one of the highest known levels of antioxidants in nature. Coffee Fruit Extract is exceptionally high in polyphenols and natural plant antioxidants. Both are grown in regions where the sun’s rays are strongest. As the plants mature, they develop many powerful antioxidants to protect them from high doses of the sun’s harsh rays. The result is an incredible amount of antioxidant support for energy and strength.

Maca Tru is a natural source of sustained energy, endurance, mental clarity and enhanced libido. Maca Tru offers a concentration of Maca in a convenient, once-a-day dose. This amazing superfood grows high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Once so valuable it was used as currency, Maca has played a central role in the lives of the Andean people for 2,000 years. Maca contains two novel groups of compounds called Macamides and Macaenes. Research published in medical journals shows these compounds enhance energy, stamina and sexual function for both men and women.

Saventaro® is a patented and clinically studied extract of Cat’s Claw, arguably the most beneficial medicinal plant derived from the Amazon Rainforest. Saventaro® demonstrates significant anti-inflammatory, immune-enhancing and cancer-protective properties. It is the first, and only, Cat’s Claw product made exclusively from the root of the Uncaria tomentosa plant, where beneficial POAs are 200 percent more concentrated, making it especially potent. No other Cat’s Claw—even those with a higher concentration of extract—provides the unique benefits of Saventaro®. Better World has partnered with the Ashaninka tribe of Peru to ensure a healthy future for the rainforest where this powerful plant is grown.

“With Better World people, the environment and commerce thrive together,” said Kilham. “Our sustainable business model proves that you can be culturally responsible, environmentally friendly, and still be a profitable business.”

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From the Sept. 13-19, 2006, issue

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