Naturally Rockford: Book Review: Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About

The author, Kevin Trudeau, begins his book by revealing he was discovered to have a mitral valve prolapse, a deformed heart, at the age of 21, which would cause him medical problems the rest of his life. He then visited a doctor working with alternative medicine, primarily a Dermatron machine, which deals with energy fields, who diagnosed Trudeau, enlisted natural healing products, and cured Trudeau completely. Trudeau’s former doctors were stunned at the prospect natural medicine cured him, and dismissed his claim. The doctors alleged he had been previously misdiagnosed, even though pictures proved Trudeu’s story. Unfortunately, Trudeau did not include these pictures in the book.

This tale brings a whole new realm of the medical world into examination. Based on Trudeau’s tale, natural medicine works. And there are other instances that support this claim. Acupuncture, hypnosis, massage, certain foods, etc., have been known to support the body’s healing processes.

So why aren’t these modes of healing more available, and some even disclaimed? Trudeau states, “It’s all about the money.” He is implying government, business, and medical organizations have skewed concerns. He shows how commercial farming’s use of chemicals, and big business’ processing method, deplete nutritional values of food, which he states can lead to disease. This is allowed because these groups are lobbying the government, mainly the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), to ensure their modes of cheap production stay as such. Trudeau says with increased occurrence of disease, medical organizations are satisfied. They make more money selling prescription drugs. Natural cures could provide the same healing—as well as being much cheaper—but natural cures cannot be patented. Legally, the only thing that can cure a disease is a drug. The reason natural cures are not supported, and some even outlawed, says Trudeau, is the government receives too much money from lobbyists to do so.

This ideology, seemingly unconventional, does seem plausible. We are a country of capitalists. We are out to make money. The government can’t always be trusted. And there are always new “facts” coming out that completely disprove prior beliefs.

But this is where Trudeau becomes a little sketchy. He states the root of all evil is greed, aka, love of money. He says greed becomes an addiction, and compels people to actions they would not normally commit. Trudeau knows this stigma well; he spent two years in a federal prison; greed forced him to break “the rules” (Trudeau does not elaborate further).

This is where the big problem is. Throughout his book, Trudeau touched on many amazing possibilities: a natural cure for cancer, a natural cure for diabetes, a natural cure for herpes (cure, not just treatment), among other claims. Trudeau says he cannot reveal the exact nature of these cures in the book because the government would rail against him. He then goes on to write for more information, or his personal recommendations, visit my Web site, a frequently repeated sentence in this book. The problem is, the Web site requires a monthly access fee. Trudeau claims he uses most of his money to support his “whistle-blowing” on the government. But this capitalist twist makes one question Trudeau’s credibility. If one already purchased the book ($29.95), why should one have to pay a monthly access fee of $9.95 to encompass the incredible information that Trudeau has available?

He also makes quite a few claims without any support. He states if one were to eat an apple grown by conventional methods, one would only get one-fifth of the nutritional value from an apple made 50 years ago, based on now added chemicals and growing methods. Trudeau supposes this, and while conceivable, includes no evidence. He continues with this “lack of facts” method throughout. We are told the government allows corporations to add as much as 15,000 different chemical substances into our food without placing those substances on the label. But we are not told what these substances are, presumably again, because the government will not allow Trudeau to do so. He says that palm oil causes physical problems, but doesn’t say what these problems are. He says that the percentage of people dying from cancer now is the same as it was in 1950, but again, we are given no percentages or figures. He continues on with various other products or methods that can benefit you, but which he is unable to disclose because of government censorship, although they are available on his Web site.

This article is not intended to knock Trudeau down. There are instances of corruption in our government, and some of Trudeau’s claims are proven true, but too often, his assert ions are unsupported with numbers, and repetition of facts wears on the brain. Personally, I think he just needed a better editor.

He makes a few rather interesting and disturbing points, though some are vague:

Schools receive $500 for every student who is on the drug Ritalin, an incentive for schools to diagnose students with this disorder (no schools named).

Nurses are given gifts and money in an attempt to induce them to administer drugs from a specific manufacturer. (no instances presented).

The pharmaceutical industry focuses more time and money on marketing than on the development of new drugs (no stats/figures available).

Newspapers, magazines, television and radio commonly talk badly about all-natural products, while at the same time running ads for products they are not bashing (no specific media outlet named).

The natural supplement ephedra was banned, but the pharmaceutical version, ephedrine, was not banned. …This shows how the FDA protects the pharmaceutical industry.

The developer of an all-natural diabetes cure was offered $30 million not to market it. (no one named).

Vaccines are loaded with poisons.

The four basic food groups promoted for years was actually invented by the dairy association The food pyramid today was put into effect by our government after massive amounts of lobbying by the food industry. The four basic food groups …have nothing to do with health and nutrition, but are designed to brainwash people into eating a certain way for the benefit of the food industry.

…Two recent articles… in Reuters and USA Today, reported that 54 percent of experts the FDA asked for advice on which medicines should be approved have a direct financial interest in the drugs or topics they are evaluating …typically include stock ownership, consulting fees, or research grants.

…According to the LA Times article, the agency (FDA) never warned doctors not to administer “a drug” to infants or other children, even though eight youngsters who were given this drug in clinical studies died.

…The FDA …was the last worldwide regulatory agency to withdraw several new drugs in the late 1990s that were banned by health authorities in Europe as being dangerous.

Routinely, FDA officials recommend against the approval of drugs, and advisory committees concur and also recommend against the approval of drugs, only to have the drug approved by the FDA as “safe and effective.”

It seems Trudeau is attempting to shed light on our government’s, not to mention business’ and medical groups’ intentions. He does raise some valid arguments. His leaning toward money making, though, stunts these intentions. This book is best used as a jumping-off point. It brings a lot of things to the table to look into, but does not supply any certain answers. Interesting read, but devoid of concrete evidence.

From the June 22-28, 2005, issue

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