Naturally Rockford: Vitamins 'N More really offers more

Vitamins ‘N More really does have more to offer. Besides natural supplements, there are fresh organic smoothies, organic foods, natural beauty products and cleaning supplies all in one place.

Steve Schiavo, owner, began this shop 12 ½ years ago, wanting to introduce healthy living to Rockford. Schiavo had his own introduction during the 1980s, when he worked as a distributor for ProLine Supplements. These supplements were the brainchild of Mr. America/ Mr. Universe and former owner of Rockford Health Club Lance Dreher, and biochemist Randall Thomason. Schiavo took genuine interest in the benefits these supplements offered, saw the high levels of production he was obtaining, and decided to open his own place of vigor.

Regular customer, Roger Ford, sings praises for Schiavo’s products. After two years of back pain and numerous doctors, Ford visited Vitamins ‘N More, where Schiavo recommended he try Zyflamend, a Cox-2 (enzyme causing inflammation/pain) inhibitor. After three days of taking two capsules a day, Ford’s back pain disappeared. His family doctor was amazed and encouraged Ford to continue his Zyflamend regimen. Ford says: “I always go to Vitamins ‘N More for good nutrition. I’m healthier (for it), no question about it.” Schiavo recognizes the healing qualities of many natural remedies, but pushes working with doctors for optimal health.

Schiavo also offers a variety of natural cosmetic products, headed by esthetician Heide Plaza, who says: “Skin is the largest organ of the body. It eats. Everything you put on it has an effect.” The plant-derived products contain no harsh skin-irritating chemicals. They are free of parabens, preservatives used in conventional supplies. Plaza says these “ act as mild estrogen enhancers, which can lead to breast cancer.” Parabens have been found in the tissue of breast cancer victims, although no direct correlation has been proven. Most of the skin products in this store are also free of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), a sudsing material that makes one believe a product has lots of cleaning power, although that may not be the case. None of these products has ever been tested on animals. Natural lotions, soaps, deodorants, toothpastes, and hair dyes, (ammonia free) are also available.

Organic animal foods are in stock. Supplements are available for animals as well, including Green Foods All Breed Formula powdered barley, which promotes overall health, as well as being a natural breath freshener. No more doggie breath.

Natural cleaning supplies are offered. On a natural shower cleaner label, the ingredients listed are: purified H20, ethanol-derived from corn, plant-based surfactant, sodium gluconate, sodium citrate, lavender oil, and tea tree oil (antibacterial, anitfungal, antiseptic properties). No detrimental health warnings are listed. On a conventional shower cleaner label: active ingredient: phosphoric acid. Warnings: irritating to eyes and skin. Do not ingest or breathe vapors. The difference between these two labels is disconcerting.

Schiavo’s store is also home to Rose Hayes of Raw with Rose, offering organic smoothies and juices promoting nutrition and health. Employee Barb Lanier specializes in the Garden of Life line, a 40-day program promoting probiotics (digestive aids), multivitamins and green foods, (barley, wheat grass, algae). Vitamins ‘N More is the obvious place to go for those in search of supplemented health, natural lifestyles, and friendly helpful advice.

From the April 6-12, 2005, issue

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