New book Phases of Love offers up-close glimpse of one of the most powerful human emotions

LISLE, Ill.—A unique glimpse at the inner workings of one of the most powerful human emotions, Phases of Love: Reflections of a Common Man (now available through AuthorHouse), weaves the story of Billy Torain and his wife into an insightful look at the transformation of love through a relationship.

A philosophical guide to love written in both a personal and observational way, Torain explores how real partnerships are framed by experiences. In the introduction, he touches on the basic meaning of love.

“The concept of love contains within it the ultimate dichotomy,” Torain writes. “It brings rise to the positive and the negative. Love is tangible and acts as a conduit or vessel to carry and amplify existing emotions, resulting in emotional action. Love doesn’t describe our emotions; it frames their degree.”

His commentary on the human motivations for seeking love is intriguing. Torain writes that the act of being born and removed from such a loving place sparks a lifelong, deep-seated sadness that one tries to achieve again in their relationships. The “Phases” section of the book details that cycle of a relationship and stresses the importance of learning from one’s experiences. When two people first meet, that is Phase 1, and Phase 2 is when two individuals get to know one another. Phase 3 is the period when the electricity between two people fades and arguments are commonplace. Relationships end in Phase 4, as the result of an inability to navigate through the conflict in the prior phase.

Throughout Phases of Love, Torain writes about his courtship and marriage to his wife, Susan. In each section, 20 poems capture his feelings. Torain identifies the passion he feels for Susan in the “Beginning” and “Together” phases, reflects on challenges faced in past relationships and hints at the growth necessary for relationships to survive in the “Struggle” and “Goodbye to Love” phases.

Torain has written one other book, Moments in Life: Reflections of a Common Man (also available through AuthorHouse). A native of Muncie, Ind., he currently lives in Lisle, Ill., with his wife.

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From the Jan. 4-10, 2006, issue

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