New booklet to help residents take advantage of government giveaway programs

New booklet to help residents take advantage of government giveaway programs


USA Consumer News-Free Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C. has just published a new booklet, “The 100 Most Popular Government Giveaway Programs.” The booklet includes information on how and where to take advantage of the most popular government giveaway programs. There is a catch for consumers to get these government giveaways. They have to know where to go, and they have to ask for it. That is what this new booklet is all about. There are listings of names, addresses and phone numbers of where Rockford area residents can take advantage of the top 100 government giveaway programs.

“Politicians have always known that the best way to get Americans to vote is to promise to cut taxes. That’s why they always talk about the government wasting your money. What they never talk about is the things that the government stands ready to give you, or to help you buy at bargain basement prices,” says James Rungseegull, a researcher at the Institute. “The most popular listings in the booklet are:

l Loans for entrepreneurs with no money. l $2,500 for college students for summer travel.

l Free help getting the best deal on a new car.

l Find a federal job with a phone call.

l $20,000 to write a novel.

l Get paid to travel and talk.

l Free medications direct from drug companies.

l Money for seniors to fix up their homes.

l Seniors turn homes into cash machines.

l Students—let your congressman show you millions.

Consumers can receive a copy of the booklet by sending $5 to cover the cost of printing, postage and handling to: Free Enterprise Institute, 100 Government Giveaways, Dept. 100GG-0522, P.O. Box 60739, Washington, DC 20039-0739. Consumers can also get more information about the booklet by calling 202-595-1031, or visit the organization’s web site:

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