New FDA alert on violence and suicide-inducing stimulants

StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//Auto-img-112067144331376.jpg’, ‘Photo courtesy of’, ‘CCHR has been on the front lines of mental health reform since 1969. In the early years, members of CCHR took to the streets to bring mental health abuses to public attention. Today, hundreds of groups have joined CCHR in calling for psychiatry to be brought under the law and for human rights to be restored to the mental health field. CCHR members are active throughout the world, organizing marches, public hearings, exhibits, and other actions to raise public awareness about the rampant criminality within psychiatry.’);
StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//Auto-img-112067147532641.jpg’, ”, ‘Bruce Wiseman’);

Since the 1980s, Citizens Commission on Human Rights has exposed the dangers of stimulants such as Ritalin prescribed for the psychiatric invention, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). For years, psychiatry has promoted the notion of a “chemical imbalance” to prescribe psychiatric drugs to more than 8 million schoolchildren—a $1 billion a year industry—despite no medical or scientific test validating psychiatry’s theories about chemical imbalances. Medical experts say there is no evidence that ADHD exists as a physical, neurobiological disease and that prescribing cocaine-like stimulants for something that cannot be physically diagnosed is child abuse.

On June 28, 2005, the FDA finally ordered labeling changes to methylphenidate [Ritalin] products, including Concerta to warn that these drugs can cause “psychiatric events.” These are described as “visual hallucinations, suicidal ideation, psychotic behavior, as well as aggression or violent behavior.”

Bruce Wiseman, president of CCHR in the U.S., says. “Parents have been denied information on these dangerous suicide- and violence-inducing drug side effects for years, unwittingly placing their children at risk. The public awareness raised in the media recently about these and other psychiatric drugs and congressional hearings into why such information has been withheld, may finally mean that parents will be able to make truly informed decisions about protecting their children’s health, instead of being further victimized by psychiatry’s smoke-and-mirrors history of fraud and deceit.”

Citizens Commission on Human Rights was established in 1969 by the Church of Scientology to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights.

From the July 6-12, 2005, issue

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