New lawsuit targets Hillary Clinton

Sen. Hillary Clinton may have thought she was out of the woods when a lawsuit against her was dismissed in 2001, but she knows better now.

A new lawsuit alleges that Hillary failed to report $2 million in in-kind contributions from a Hollywood fund-raiser that coincided with the 2000 Democratic National Convention.

The action was filed last fall in Los Angeles by Peter F. Paul, who formerly headed Stan Lee Media Inc., an online company.

According to the Associated Press, Paul claims formerPresident Bill Clinton agreed to work for Paul’s company after leaving office. Paul told AP that to seal the deal he donated $1.9 million to Hillary’s campaign fund.

Most of the money, Paul said, went to pay for a celebrity-studded tribute to the president.

He sued when his efforts to gain some influence with the Clintons brought no results. Sen. Clinton has remained tight-lipped on the issue, refusing all comment.

Paul, who once managed the model Fabio, said his contributions were not properly reported. He said the fund-raiser brought in $466,625. Hillary gave back $2,000 of that after reports popped up in the media disclosing Paul has a criminal record.

The Federal Election Commission declined to act on a complaint Paul filed with them in July 2001. Judicial Watch, a public interest law firm in Washington, D.C., represented Paul in that action.

A similar suit in California was dismissed in December 2001 after Paul was indicted on charges linked to the failed Stan Lee Media business.

Paul fled the country to avoid prosecution on those charges. He was later extradited from Brazil to face allegations of New York securities fraud. That permitted him to file the new action in Los Angeles against Clinton.

Judicial WatchPresident Tom Fitton said Paul has also offered to cooperate with the California Attorney General’s probe of the alleged diversion of $1.7 million from charities, including one sponsored by then governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The attorney general alleges the money was diverted by Hollywood fund-raiser Aaron Tonken and associates. Tonken, who once worked for Paul, has become a defendant in Paul’s lawsuit.

Bill and Hillary aren’t the only ones back-pedaling in this matter. In 2000, then Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell had his own dealings with Paul.

Paul alleges he agreed to a request by Rendell to donate $150,000 in Stan Lee Media Inc. stock to a fund-raiser in June 2000 when Rendell was chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Rendell declines comment.

Paul was out of the country for two years, but came back with some help from the Bush Justice Department.

Tonken said he is a star witness against President and Mrs. Clinton and also is a major witness before a New York grand jury concerning the pardon of Marc Rich, an international speculator, and the fund-raising Tonken has done on behalf of the Clintons.

Prosecutors won’t say what they are up to, but the reader may wonder if this is part of a plan to dampen any presidential ambitions that Sen. Clinton may have.

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