Nightingale Alliance proposes energy friendly jail

Nightingale Alliance proposes energy friendly jail

By Jeff Havens, Staff Writer

A growing local non-profit environmental and health organization called The Nightingale Alliance has a few suggestions for new jail: downsize it; make it energy friendly; and build part of it underground.

Brendan Doherty, Nightingale Alliance administrator, says he would like to see new government buildings, such as the proposed jail, take the initiative and lead the community in utilizing renewable energy products and resources.

Doherty would also like to see a smaller jail that is partly underground for two reasons. First, it would minimize visual blight in the neighborhood. Second, it would increase the building’s energy efficiency.

The Alliance’s suggestions are exactly what Independent Energy Consultant John Richter suggested in the Oct. 30th edition of The Rock River Times.

Richter’s article proposes a renewable energy program in which he outlines energy efficiency of municipal buildings and solar-powered water heaters and lighting. The building could also operate on a hydrogen-powered fuel cell. Richter said that grant money and other funding is available for such projects. In addition, Richter also said such an initiative would provide the Rockford area with positive publicity nationally.

The Nightingale Alliance operates in cooperation with the Rockford Park District. The Alliance is interested in enhancing the health of living things affected by environmental degradation, sponsoring events and connecting groups to build a healthier planet. The organization’s original intent was to provide support for people with chronic fatigue syndrome and environmental illnesses. However, Doherty says the Alliance has grown in its scope and focus.

If you are interested in learning more about The Nightingale Alliance contact: Brendan Doherty, 810 Haskell Ave., Rockford, IL. 61103, (815) 962-8134

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