NIU offers deaf awareness events

Northern Illinois University in DeKalb will celebrate Deaf Awareness Week, “Connecting with the Deaf Community: Priceless,” with a variety of educational and entertainment events for hearing, hard of hearing and deaf people.

NIU events are free and open to the public. Sign language/voice interpreters are provided. For more information, call 753-6527 or (815) 753-1694, or e-mail or

Deaf Awareness Week events

Monday, Nov. 3—“Connecting with the Deaf Community,” 7 p.m., Carl Sandburg Auditorium, Holmes Student Center.

As he will discuss, connecting within the community is very important to speaker Donald Tinsley, founder of Indiana’s Black Deaf Advocates, assistant director of Indiana State Deaf Services, and ordained minister.

Tuesday, Nov. 4—“Survivor: Deaf Island,” 7 p.m., Heritage Room, Holmes Student Center.

Survive an evening immersed in a deaf paradise run by “connected” members of the deaf community, and learn the different strategies of communication used by the deaf community for daily activities of living.

Wednesday, Nov. 5—“Priceless Sign Sync,” 9 p.m., Carl Sandburg Auditorium, Holmes Student Center.

Learn how the deaf community connects with the world of music. Sit back and appreciate the song interpretations via sign language performed by NIU students, faculty and staff and Program for Hearing Impaired students and staff.

Thursday, Nov. 6—“Panel Discussion: What’s Your Connection?” 7 p.m., Heritage Room, Holmes Student Center.

Share in the panelists’ stories, ask questions and find out their connections to the deaf community and how priceless these connections are. In this talk-show host moderated panel discussion, a variety of members with connections to the deaf community will help you find out where connections occur, how they happen, and ways you can make a connection that is priceless.

Friday, Nov. 7—“Making a Connection within the Community: Open-Captioned Movie,” 7 p.m., DeKalb Market Square Cinemas.

See how your own community reaches out to the deaf community. Let’s show our support for accessibility at the movie theaters. Specific movie and admission cost information may be obtained by calling the DeKalb Market Square Cinemas at (815) 748-7887.

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