Novel: Has zero point energy been discovered?

HOUSTON—Blood and Oil is a rip-roaring read that poses some very interesting questions.

Just what would the oil giants do to protect their interests? What if a technology were discovered that were so fundamentally dangerous to their interests it would put them all out of business overnight? Just what would they be prepared to do to suppress it?

Read the book, and decide if you think it’s fact or fiction.

Could it have happened already? Some think it is possible, including the author, Joe Voss, of Houston.

“I first decided to write this book in 1998 after watching a television documentary broadcast by the UK Channel Five as part of their ‘Equinox’ series,” Voss said. “The subject of the episode was ‘Zero Point Energy’ and big oil.

“The premise immediately grabbed my attention, and raised a number of interesting questions,” Voss added. “What if an alternative source of energy had been discovered, but buried by the multinational oil companies and oil-producing states?”

Voss continued: “Interviewing a number of respected mainstream physicists, the program speculated on the likelihood that this unlimited alternative source of energy might have been developed already. In presenting his thesis, the anchor traveled across the United States, interviewing a number of people who claimed to have cracked the secret of Zero Point Energy; some obviously crackpots, but a few alluringly convincing.

“There was talk of big oil and Arab governments offering billions to suppress it, and of secret deals with NASA and the U.S. government,” Voss added. “In fact, one individual who demonstrated his process claimed he feared for his life, gloomily predicting his own demise. Some time after I had commenced this book, I heard of his death, seemingly an accident, but who knows?”

Voss concluded: “All of this heady talk of conspiracy and secret deals with multinational oil companies and oil-rich states set me to work researching within my own business and other sources; the result is Blood and Oil, a conspiracy thriller in the truest sense of the word.”

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From the Sept. 6-12, 2006, issue

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