Officer Dalke still on patrol

Officer Dalke still on patrol

By Jeff Havens, Staff Writer

Rockford Police Officer Mike Dalke is still patrolling the streets about a month after he was accused of excessive force and falsifying a report, according to Lt. Tom Gibbons, head of the police department’s Internal Affairs.

The accusations stem from an incident that occurred Nov. 13, that was described in the Nov. 20 edition of The Rock River Times. Rockford resident Tom Klonicki said police abused him during their attempt to subdue him for transport to medical care for a seizure he suffered while working.

In that incident, Klonicki alleges Dalke punched, kicked, and body slammed him to the ground. Klonicki based his accusations on several eye-witnesses’ accounts of the incident because he was incoherent for all but the very end of the incident because of his medical condition, Klonicki said.

Also, Klonicki alleges that Dalke did not speak with Rockford Fire Department paramedics before taking action. Dalke’s report states that he did speak with paramedics before acting, and the report implies that Dalke struck Klonicki after receiving a knee strike in the groin area.

Gibbons said the investigation is “still underway” and a report will be issued within 65 days from the time that the complaint was received. The complaint was received Nov. 26, according to Lt. Steve Jones. Gibbons referred details about the investigation and Dalke’s status to Rockford Police Chief Jeff Nielson.

Nielson said Dalke “is still performing his regular duties.” Nielson added, “I see no reason to remove him” from regular duties before the report is completed. Nielson would not give details about the investigation.

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