Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department provides drop-off recycling stations

OREGON— The Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department has provided drop-off recycling stations throughout the county since November of 1994. Recycling stations are now located in the towns of Forreston, Monroe Center, Oregon, Rochelle, Byron, Polo and the Orchard Hills Landfill. Since 1994, more than twelve million pounds (6,298 tons) of recyclable materials have been diverted from local landfills and recycled into new products. Great job, Ogle County residents! Your diligence and commitment to the environment have truly made a difference.

However, increasing amounts of waste and other non-recyclable items are being dumped into the recycling containers or left on the deck or ground around the deck, which is absolutely prohibited. This creates many problems and adds significant cost to the program. Items left on the deck or on the ground often get blown onto adjoining property. Recently, the driver of the recycling truck spent 45 minutes unloading the deck of items left there. Loads of recyclable materials that are rejected at the sorting facility, are hauled to a local landfill at substantial cost to the County.

Items such as tires, water heaters, buckets, patio furniture, golf clubs, windows, Styrofoam packing material, burn barrel ash, paint, electronic waste, a vacuum cleaner, pool ladder, paint, lead acid battery and garbage have been wrongfully dumped into or left near the recycling containers. The increasing abuse of this popular program threatens its continuation.

There is currently a waste container at each recycling station provided for your convenience for such items as plastic bags, strings holding newspaper bundles together, and other items left over after depositing recyclables. This container is not for household garbage. Food wastes, kitty litter and diapers have been found in these containers. If these containers continue to be used inappropriately, they will be removed.

Please read the instructions on the signs, the container and Recycling Instruction sheets available in the information mailboxes located at each site. Do not deposit any item unless that item is listed as acceptable. Please flatten all boxes before depositing them into the container. Do not dump Styrofoam packing material, peanuts, etc. into the bins. These items will not be accepted and will end up being landfilled at the County’s expense. Buckets, laundry baskets, toys, etc., even if marked with the recycling logo, are not accepted in this program.

Since currently the recyclables are being sorted at the recycling center, if one of the compartments of the container is full, you may add your recyclables to any other compartment. Therefore, if the middle compartment (mixed paper) is full, you may add your cardboard and other paper to either the newspaper compartment or the commingled (plastics, glass, etc.) compartment.

In addition, these recycling containers are intended for Ogle County residents who either do not have recycling service available in their area or who wish to recycle a wider variety of materials than is accepted by the curbside program. Businesses must arrange with a private hauler to pick up their recyclables to be hauled to a recycling facility. The Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department can assist businesses in locating such a service.

The vast majority of the people using the program are conscientious and careful about what goes into the recycling container. The Ogle County Solid Waste Department personnel appreciates that and requests your help in reducing problems with the recycling program.

If you see someone dumping items that are unacceptable, inform them and suggest they call the Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department at 732-4020 or www.oglecounty.org. with any questions they may have.

With your help, we can continue this vital program and reduce the illegal dumping of waste at these recycling containers.

From the Nov. 2-8, 2005, issue

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