OKC evidence points to Mideast role

OKC evidence points to Mideast role

By Joe Baker

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

Evidence is emerging of Middle Eastern involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing, according to a report recently published by the Indianapolis Star.

Star writer James Patterson said critical evidence indicating several Middle Eastern men may have been linked to the bombing appears to have been kept from the public by the FBI.

Such information, by law, was required to be given to attorneys for Timothy McVeigh and must be given to lawyers for Terry Nichols, indicted as a co-conspirator. His state case is in trial in Oklahoma.

Current and former FBI agents in Oklahoma City told the Star they received documents indicating another person or even a cell of Middle Eastern operatives—Iraqis?—were involved in the bombing.

Some 4,000 Iraqis were brought to this country after Desert Storm by then-President George Bush, Sr. under an agreement with the Saudis on handling prisoners of that war.

One ex-FBI agent said he obtained 22 affidavits and more than 30 statements from witnesses who described seeing McVeigh with Middle Easterners before the Murrah Building bombing.

The agent said he gave the materials to his superiors, but the evidence never turned up again and was never given to McVeigh’s or Nichols’ defense lawyers.

The statements, the agent said, described a close-knit group of Middle Eastern men living in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area, who were seen with McVeigh on many occasions in the months before the bombing.

Agents also believe that if the evidence had not been suppressed by their superiors, it might have helped uncover plans for the 9/11 attacks.

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