One more shot

As the Kennedy assassination murdered American political naiveté, further eroded by the fruitless conclusions of the Warren Commission, so the compromise reached between the White House and the 9/11 Commission does the same, as its effect is just one more shot fired by the political right (wrong) to assassinate our democracy.

Where before only one man fell from the assassin’s bullet, now an entire nation is falling, this being one more example of America’s march into monocracy, as Americans are still unaware of the autocracy lording behind the bureaucracy in Washington.

Some have characterized the Kennedy assassination as the traumatic event of our time, leaving an indelible effect on our national psyche. I cannot agree, as I would argue Mr. Bush’s selection as president was that event, leaving even greater injury to our national character. The dismal bargain the 9/11 Commission accepted, in handout from Mr. Bush and his cohorts, will reverberate further and longer than the shot that killed John Kennedy, for its effect is just another example of the aura of compromise America has agreed to, rather than to pursue the difficult road of moral obligation its Constitution demands. We have no one but ourselves to blame for this, for we will either choose our destiny, or destiny will choose it for us, good or bad. Freedom hinges upon this choice.

It is indeed tragic and ironic that as we seem to be implanting democracy in as many places as we can around the world, that the one place where it should shine the most, it is dimming, as we allow the Bush administration to do all that it can to extract it from our soil. On these terms, then, when we have succeeded in doing so elsewhere, freedom will no longer exist in our land, but only remain a cherished memory for our children. This is a curious policy at the least, which, though initially carved in small letters in the rind of a sapling, as Thomas Paine wrote, will grow into full Characters, testifying to our failure to preserve its sacred value and meaning for ourselves and those we love.

That sapling was planted with Mr. Bush, and our neglect, complacency and comfort has served to fertilize it to full growth. WE must now become the woodsman Mr. Paine was, and sever this ash in the 2004 election, before it is used to burn our sacred state to the ground. WE must ignite the fire of Freedom into a roaring inferno, or else the flicker of hope it offers in our hearts and minds will die. If we wish to enjoy the blessings of Liberty, as Paine also wrote, we must be willing to undergo the fatigue of supporting it. This is that choice for which there is no alternative. Our children will damn us for our failure to do so, and rightfully so, if we don’t vote this Bush out. Their future freedom depends upon our present effort to do so. We must rise to this occasion, or we may never rise again. The sunshine patriot must now stand firm before the dark tyrant.

Methinks you bleed metaphorically for the cause of Freedom and Truth, my friends, for you will not see your little finger cut in their actual defense. But the day you are willing to sacrifice your hand for their just cause, will be the first day that I shake it, and the first day that you had, in good service, cast its fate to something better than yourself. You talk a good walk when it comes to freedom, but are not willing to take the first step. You are wont to smell freedom, but don’t have the courage to taste its actual reality. Greater freedom requires greater responsibility, greater accountability, greater effort, not less.

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