Open letter to a 9/11 foot soldier

To Whom It May Concern:

For more than 2 1/2 years you have been a good soldier. You’ve kept your mouth shut. You have spent some of your hush money and invested the rest. You watch the 9/11 hearings, and you even visit these Web sites occasionally. Life is going pretty well for you, what with the extra disposable income and all. You get to enjoy the finer things in life, take the wife out more often, and drive that big SUV you’ve always coveted. You don’t even worry when you plunk down $80 to fill the tank. All is well.

Until you try to fall asleep at night. Until you take the family to church on Sunday. Until you try to teach your 5-year-old the importance of honesty. You hear a faint knocking sound, your heart races a bit, so you turn up the CD player a little louder, or you pick up the latest Sports Illustrated. But that darn knocking keeps coming back, a little louder and a little longer each passing day. On your worst nights, you’re reminded of that Edgar Allen Poe story, you know, the one about the heart beating under the floorboards.

I’m not sure how you were actually involved. Maybe it was in airport security. Perhaps you cleaned up at the Pentagon, or you could have done some late-night “repairs” at the World Trade Center. You were merely a foot soldier, bought off and convinced that you were serving the greater good. This wasn’t your misguided delusion. You certainly didn’t direct the largest stage show in history since that horse filled with warriors thing. No way you could have pulled off the Grand Illusion yourself. You played your little part. Your link in the chain has held, so far. But being human and saddled with a conscience, your link is slowly rusting. Those sleepless nights, and your ever-increasing reliance on booze and pills, are corroding your once ironclad confidence.

All you know is that you were recruited and trained for a top-secret assignment. You were vetted, signed and paid. You only knew your minuscule role, your swatch of a patchwork quilt that, as it unfolded, was as shocking to you as it was to every other American.

How many times have you thought to yourself “If I had only known”? If you would have only known that 3,000 innocent, hard-working Americans would die that day, would you have accepted your “Patriotic” assignment? Would you have said yes if you knew our precious Bill of Rights would be eviscerated soon after that day? Would you have assented knowing that thousands of your comrades would suffer death or dismemberment in a pre-emptively waged war based on a pack of lies?

I appeal to you today to find within yourself the courage to come forward and tell your story. Quietly leak it simultaneously to many in various positions of influence in government and in the media. Send press releases to mainstream media sources in the U.S. and abroad. Produce documents, dates and names. Then go public. By then, the damage will have been done, and killing you would be both useless and blatantly obvious.

For 2 1/2 years, those of us who have come to realize that the official government story of 9/11 is the ultimate conspiracy theory have eagerly waited in vain for a respected “mainstream” political or media figure to publicly poke holes in the agreed-upon narrative. We watch in amazement as Tom Kean and his commission openly canonize Giuliani rather than ask him why the WTC steel was immediately whisked away for recycling, while expert fire investigators begged him to let them do their job of analyzing why the only three steel skyscrapers in history to have collapsed due to fire all fell on the same day. Words fail us as we witness the Project for a New American Century’s blueprint unfurl just as it was written before September 11, 2001.

You believed you were doing your duty that day, contributing to a cause so noble, so sensitive, so potentially misunderstood that you were sworn to secrecy to fulfill your mission as a patriot. Today, we appeal to your patriotism. We need you. America needs you to help save us from what we have become. Listen to that small, still voice of God calling to you to do the right thing. The knocking won’t stop until you do.

Published originally at Published with permission and hyperlink intact. Alan Homcy is a computer specialist residing in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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