Orange adds color to local music scene

Most new bands are not strong enough to cross musical genres and create an original sound of their own. Then again, most bands aren’t named Orange.

The group includes five Rockford-area musicians who joined forces in November 2001 after playing in various cover bands. Paul Church and Dave Rowl take care of the guitar work while Ryan Boyce mans the bass and Jim Westin Jr. controls the keyboards. Drummer Pat Clark holds them together and every member contributes vocals.

Orange’s recently released self-titled CD not only showcases the impressive talents of each individual, but also establishes its unique and innovative sound. With every song, the band continually transcends musical boundaries, but still manages to produce a cohesive record. On “My Latest Fix” the group drifts from piano rock to melodic jazz before ending with a southern rock vibe.

Despite such diversity, Orange consistently crafts a relaxed, almost hypnotic atmosphere on several tracks including “Fall Away” and “Lazy Summer” with smooth harmonies and thought-provoking lyrics. The band’s greatest strength, however, is evident on “Never As Easy,” which features an effects-laden guitar solo. They occasionally incorporate effects to enhance their music, but do not rely on them to conceal deficiencies. Orange’s clear channel approach is a nice change of pace compared to the many distorted, power chord dependent acts that clutter mainstream music.

Orange has been steadily gaining fans with their dynamic style. They received the 2003 RAMI (Rockford Area Music Industry) award for the best “Jam Band.” They are also scheduled to perform at On The Waterfront on Saturday, Aug. 30. For more information on Orange and their CD, log on to

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