OSF Home Care replacing Lifeline with Health Watch

• New system will offer better benefits for subscribers

OSF Home Care recently announced its newly-formed affiliation with Health Watch, Inc., to provide personal monitoring services for OSF clients.

The new system is similar to the older Lifeline units, providing the vital safety net many people need to continue living independently in their homes while recuperating from an illness, dealing with a disability or coping with the effects of aging.

Additionally, the Health Watch personal response systems offer subscribers new, innovative technologies for advanced telecare, including remote medication dispensing, fall detection, and state-of-the-art monitoring. The system can monitor medication compliance and physical activity, and will automatically self-test all system components every 24 hours for functionality and battery status.

“We are very pleased with this change to Health Watch for our personal response systems,” said Katie Jones, administrator, OSF Home Care. “The new system will offer all of the features previously available with Lifeline, plus more. This is truly a great benefit for our subscribers.”

Individuals who are currently using Lifeline are being contacted by Health Watch to arrange for installation of the new system, at no cost to the subscriber and with no disruption of service. As in the past, help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the simple touch of a button.

When the help button is pressed, a trained operator at the Health Watch Response Center answers the call and communicates with the subscriber to assess the situation and dispatch professional help immediately. When the subscriber is having a minor problem, a neighbor or family member may be called to help. For more serious situations, an ambulance can be dispatched immediately. Whatever the situation, subscribers receive the assistance they need right away.

“The switch from Lifeline to Health Watch is simply a change to a new vendor,” said Jones. “Subscribers will have no disruption in services, and there will be an ample supply of response units, so we will no longer have waiting lists.”

For more information about the new Health Watch Personal Response System, please call the OSF Home Care office at (800) 673-5288.

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