OSF Saint Anthony unveils new sculpture

In a unique expression of unity, OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center has unveiled a new sculpture that represents the four cultural groups of man. Entitled “We Are All One,” the colorful piece depicts the Yellow Nations (Asia); the White Nations (Europe); the Black Nations (Africa); and the Red Nations (Native America).

The four dancing figures are joined in a steel folk art sculpture created by artist Sherrie Dorr. Each of the bright fabrics represented on the individual figures has a meaning. The patterns found within each figure are taken from designs of clothing, jewelry and other artifacts indigenous to each nation.

The sculpture was generously donated by Dr. and Mrs. W. Stephen Minore and Family.

The sculpture stands in the new Ambulatory Care Center, to reflect the Mission of The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis to care with love and compassion for all persons. According to artist Sherrie Dorr, “Symbols communicate a culture’s history and social values, traits that societies deem beneficial for a good life, such as leadership, honesty, bravery and patience. By decorating objects with symbols, a culture stays connected to its historic roots and spiritual traditions.”

Geri Gustafson, public relations coordinator at OSF Saint Anthony, told how the sculpture was initiated. “When the Ambulatory Care Center was planning it, we had a special committee that was chosen to select artwork and furniture and work on the aesthetics. We worked with a local gallery, The Art Connection,” she explained. “She [the director] had suggested Sherrie Dorr for the commission piece. I had seen Sherrie’s work at the Rockford Public Library. And I did like it, so she made a presentation to our committee, and everyone was enthused, and she started work on it.”

Dorr added, “In retrospect, I see how timely it is. It’s a great reminder for people that we’re all united, from all cultures.”

The sculpture has branched out to include pins which the public can purchase. “We have pins that are in the shape of that sculpture,” said Gustafson, “and we also have some loose pieces, like a piece that you could put in your yard or on the wall, in the shape of the sculpture. We have them for sale in the gift shop for $20.” Some of the other pieces are priced at $40.

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