OTW named one of top three festivals in Illinois

July 1, 1993

OTW named one of top three festivals in Illinois


Illinois’ largest music festival is also one of Illinois’ favorites! On the Waterfront (OTW) was named one of the top three favorite festivals in Illinois in a Reader’s Survey in the March/April issue of Home & Away magazine, the AAA Magazine of Mid-America. The other two events selected by readers were both food festivals in Chicago—the Taste of Chicago and Naperville’s Ribfest.

“Our demographic surveys have shown us that our reach has gone far beyond the Midwest. It is gratifying to know that people who attend our event rank it so highly,” said Becky Genoways, president and CEO of On the Waterfront.

Home & Away, surveyed their readers about their favorite travel sites. Other areas of interest in the survey included Disney World as the favorite amusement park, and Yellowstone as the favorite National Park.

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