‘Packer Backers’ had it wrong: Bears outplayed Pack

As the sports columnist for The Rock River Times, I feel compelled to respond to a column that appeared in last week’s issue. The nonsense I’m referring to was called “Packer Backers” and was written by Rachel Fisher and Michael Anderson.

First of all, as a lifelong Bears fan, I was accustomed to this type of whining by Packer fans. So it wasn’t shocking these two would come up with all the same old excuses I’ve heard over and over again after a Packers loss to the Bears. Why can’t they just admit it, they were outplayed by the Bears when the game was on the line?

During the second half, their beloved Brett Favre threw a momentum-changing interception directly into the waiting arms of Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher. On the very next play, Bears quarterback Brian Griese threw a touchdown pass to rookie tight end Greg Olson. That was the turning point of the game, plain and simple. They tried to make the claim it was a combination of penalties and bad play calling by Head Coach Mike McCarthy that cost the Packers the win. I say BUNK.

Secondly, they gave the game ball to Packers running back DeShawn Wynn. Are they kidding? Maybe I should remind them, he played on the losing team. Didn’t they see the post-game coverage by two of the most respected sports announcers and analysts in the industry, John Madden and Al Michaels? The player of the game—and rightfully so—was Charles “Peanut” Tillman. His locker is where they should look for the game ball. He forced two crucial turnovers and earned the right to have his photo placed on Madden’s “Horse Trailer.” Wynn’s name was never mentioned following the game.

As an experienced and responsible sports columnist, I felt I had to set the record straight. I couldn’t stand idly by and let them try to pass that CHEESE by us. Their column may have gone unchallenged in a newspaper north of the cheddar curtain, but not here in the heart of Bears country. I truly hope this clears things up for them and their fellow Packers fans everywhere. GO BEARS!

from the Oct. 17-23, 2007, issue

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