Paige-Turner exhibit at Ethnic Heritage Museum

The Ethnic Heritage Museum has received more than 50 African and Spanish instruments on loan from Dorothy Paige-Turner’s private collection. These exotic and antique instruments will be on display in the museum during the month of October. Turner, a well-known entertainer and recording artist (four albums) in the Rockford area, performs with the Joel Ross Quartet. She recently retired after 34 years of teaching in the Rockford Public School system. Turner has been a facilitator of workshops in vocal jazz, African-American music and music of many cultures. The five-time RAMI winner has received many awards and special recognition. The instruments on loan to the museum were collected during some of Turner’s international travels. Some instruments were presented to Turner as gifts from fans and admirers, and most of these instruments are antiques. The African instruments on display fall into three categories: aerophones, idiophones, and membranphones. Aerophones are instruments in which the sound is produced by the vibration of air. These are flutes, trumpets and horns. Idiophones are instruments such as bells, gongs, jingles and xylophone. Membranphones are instruments that make sounds by the vibration of stretched membranes or skins. These drums are made from animal skins, logs, spider webs, tassels or paper. Turner has agreed to give hands-on demonstrations to tour groups consisting of children and youth. To arrange such a tour, call 962-7402. The Ethnic Heritage Museum, 1129 S. Main St., is a six-room house built in 1850. A distinct ethnic group sponsors each room in the house. The museum is open every Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. Visits are free to members; admission is $2 for non-members and $1 for children younger than age 12. To arrange a tour, call 962-7402.

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