Pale blue light—what was it?

Pale blue light—what was it?

By Rod Myers, Naturalist

At approximately 1 a.m. on Friday, July 26th of this year, fighter aircrafts were launched from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. Andrews is the closest air force base to Washington, D.C. and is called into action to help protect the restricted air space over our nation’s capital and the surrounding area.

Many people were awakened by the sound of launching F16s and went outside to investigate. Witnesses reported seeing fighter jets apparently pursuing a brightly lighted object, light blue in color, that was maneuvering ahead of the jets. Then the object accelerated and pulled away from the pursuing fighters at an incredible speed, according to the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Wash. under the direction of Peter Davenport.

Fox television, CNN, The Washington Post, and local radio stations reported the incident using eyewitness accounts. NORAD and the Washington, D.C. Air National Guard admitted a “scramble” had occurred in response to a radar intercept of an unidentified target, though they downplayed the significance of the event. Due to 9-11, Washington, D.C. is still under continuous 24-hour surveillance by AWACS aircraft. The military most probably observed the entire incident in great detail. In past cases, authorities revealed D.C. air space violations in great detail, but for the July 26th incident, little information was given, and the authorities went to great length to diminish the significance of the “scramble” of the fighter aircraft. This seems odd and suggests that something was unusual about the object chased and the action taken by the chasers.

My hat’s off to Fox, CNN and The Washington Post for doing the story, but what happened to the three major networks, ABC, NBC and CBS, who in the past have covered all air space violations over Washington, D.C.? Can’t they handle anything unusual in the Unidentified Flying Object category, or is the government suppressing all incidents where our fly boys are severely outthrusted and outflown? I guess the government will continue to cover up things of this nature, and no president will be bold enough to demand an answer. I wonder if George W. was awakened that night and rushed to a shelter. I wonder what the brass told him.

“George, it’s a brilliant light blue saucer.” Or “it’s E.T. in a light blue mini vehicle, and he’s skedaddlin’ like he’s in a worm hole!” Better say it so the prez will comprehend—“Mr. President, it looks kinda like a blue light special from Fermi Lab, and our top guns kinda look like Barry Goldwater in a ’64 election poll.”

Of course, George W. will come up with a funny of his own like, “Mr. General, you know the only thing scarier than crop circles are crop prices!”

I have no trouble imagining Bush standing in the White House window like Nicholson in the movie Mars Attacks. The only thing that killed the Martians in the movie were Slim Whitman recordings. Ironically, Slim is probably on George W.’s top play list. Whitman to George is probably like Jagger to us.

I’ve read several witness accounts of the July 26th incident, but the following is the best:

Witness Renny Rogers is a government employee who lives with his wife in Waldorf, Maryland. His house is under the flight path of Andrews AFB, and he stated that he had never seen any activities resembling those that occurred on July 26th. He stated that he has a good eye for spotting aircraft, and his spatial estimates are unusually accurate. Around 1 a.m. on the 26th, Rogers heard planes taking off from Andrews, and in 7 to 10 minutes the planes were in his area. The plane noise level got louder, and this brought Rogers outside to witness a fighter plane flying directly away from him going 35-45 degrees above the horizon. He was looking directly at the tail end of the aircraft, and its afterburner was on and remained on for a short time. The plane was in sight for 10 seconds. Shortly afterwards, Rogers went inside. Then the noise level increased again to near the previous levels.

Rogers went back outside, where he saw a pale blue light moving at a phenomenal rate of speed. He sensed that the light was moving in an effortless, almost floating, manner, but at an incredible speed. The light’s speed was constant, straight lined, and there was no sound to it.

At this point, the noise level increased even more as the fighter jets flew over his house, heading for the pale blue light. The jets never got close as the pale blue light accelerated even faster and was gone in three or four seconds.

Boy, I hope I don’t get in trouble with the government for writing this story. Excuse me, there’s someone at my door. Wow, it’s two men in their wheelchairs, and they’re wearing black suits. Oh, my God, it’s the Half Men in Black!

Rod Myers is a local resident with an interest in the environment and disability issues. He has an associate’s degree in science and a bachelor’s in fine arts. Rod is a member of the Audubon Society, The Wild Ones Natural Landscapers and Rockford Amateur Astronomers, Inc.

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