Park District announces accomplishments

The Rockford Park District Board of Commissioners reviewed an extensive list of results and accomplishments that occurred from July 25, 2006, through Jan. 23, 2007, for the Rockford Park District under the leadership and direction of Tim Dimke.

Board President Nate Martin requested the report so the Board could monitor the District’s performance in addressing priorities for services and compliance with their established guidelines and policies.

According to Martin: “The Board agreed the performance of District staff was outstanding and demonstrated many significant achievements and accomplishments under Tim’s direction during the past six months. We’ve been through strategic planning, refining our priorities, and defining our expectations. The Board is well satisfied with the results.”

Some of the highlights of the report included land acquisition leveraged with grants and donations, development of properties for recreational use, alternative revenue generated through sponsorship, philanthropy and grants, and participation in programs and services.

During the past six months, the Rockford Park District completed seven agreements, acquired and/or developed land and facilities valued at $4,880,000 for a Park District investment of $845,000, or 17 percent of the total value of the projects.

The Rockford Park District Foundation received gifts in the amount of $1,131,093 during this period.

Participation in recreation programs increased 8 percent overall during 2006, with marked growth in instructional programs for golf, tennis and skating.

Dimke concluded: “The Board’s strategic planning process that was completed in September and the new organizational design implemented at the beginning of November, position the District to achieve stronger results in 2007. The talents and abilities of the District’s staff are now aligned to best achieve the Board’s priorities, improve District-wide systems, and enhance services to our citizens.”

From the March 7-13, 2007, issue

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