Party for Kirk Pryor’s new CD Oct. 21

Kirk Pryor and Flora Cousins will dedicate Pryor’s new CD, Dysfunctional Nation, to the U.S. armed forces at the dedication, 11 a.m. to noon, Thursday, Oct. 21, at Rock Valley College’s Woodwork Technology Center, Room 117.

Pryor was inspired to write something for American families at home awaiting the return of family members serving in the Middle East. Although Pryor, a/k/a K-Patrol, says he stands behind President Bush’s decision to protect us, he still recognizes that families here are suffering for their loved ones, wondering whether they will come home.

Pryor’s wife, poet and author Flora Cousins, wrote the song at his request. He asked her to write about the situation in Iraq and the 9/11 disaster leading up to the war. Since he first performed the song at Kryptonite, with rap lyrics interspersed with verses from the traditional “America the Beautiful,” he has gotten plenty of positive feedback.

A recent meeting with Mayor Doug Scott and a sergeant from the U.S. Air Force gave birth to a new idea for the CD. Officials are interested in sending CDs to the Middle East to boost soldiers’ morale. They plan to send 150,000 to 200,000 CDs to U.S. soldiers and workers serving in Iraq in the form of care packages purchased by citizens back home for each soldier.

Mayor Doug Scott will host the event. Flora Cousins will speak, and Pryor will perform “America.” The public is invited to attend.

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