Patty Larkin at Memorial Hall March 5

Patty Larkin will bring her music to the Rockford community this weekend and probably turn some heads and open some ears while she’s at it.

Imposing, intelligent and graceful, this singer/songwriter/guitarist is on her Red = Luck Tour to promote her latest album of the same name. This Milwaukee-born performer should be catching a lot of attention for her tenth album as she mixes and matches many ethnic and musical styles to create her own sound.

Setting aside the mild exploitations of Chinese and Middle Eastern culture that pervade some of her songs, Larkin has obviously studied the music of these civilizations extensively, which turns the exploitation into a researched respect. Her album could be described as overall “mellow,” but every song is different and imparts varying feelings, emotions, rhythms and styles. Knowing that Red = Luck is on Vanguard Records label would hint to the buyer that Larkin might have some hint of jazz in her work, but actually she sounds more folk/New Age-oriented. Improvisation does exist within the confines of her songs, and on some tracks there are touches of blues and soul.

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