People want Perryville proposal to hit the road

People want Perryville proposal to hit the road

By Shellie Berg

By Shellie Berg

Staff Reporter

With five possible Perryville alignments up in the air, many upset residents attended an open house Jan. 10 at Prairie Hill School, 14714 Willowbrook Rd., to learn how their properties might be affected.

They viewed a large map displaying all alignments with their properties on the road that would go from Rt. 173 to South Beloit. They also could submit written comments and talk to county officials.

The county highway department supposedly will take into account public opinion and note other factors before making a recommendation to the Public Works Committee in early February. The committee will pass on the recommendation of the alignment or any other that members feel suitable to the county board.

“Before we make any decision, we want to make sure we have input from the public,” county Engineer Joe Vanderwerff said. “You might get a comment on how one alignment might affect traffic circulation, or might affect the future for a given property.

“The county has to consider not just the comments from the public, which are very important, but various factors that are involved in the alignment selection. Alignment 2A and 2B would impact an estimated one home and one building that is used for business.”

He also pointed out other factors including the number of homes affected and the impact on flood plains and the general watershed.

Regarding whether the county might drop plans due to an unfavorable impact of the road, Vanderwerff said, “The county has indicated they are going to go forward with the extension of Perryville Road.”

At the meeting, a number of individuals expressed opinions of opposition to the county’s plan.

Christine Ryan, a new resident in Sagewood Subdivision, said the road could slice into her backyard. “I’m definitely opposed to it,” she asserted.

Furthermore, only a stop sign would be located at the intersection nearest to her house. Her two elementary school-aged children wouldn’t be able to cross the potentially dangerous road to see their friends if the road is constructed.

Carol Catalano said none of the alignments would have any direct effect on her property, but she worries about cost to residents. “It’s not going to do a thing to our property except raise our taxes and cause more traffic in our area,” she stated.

Mike Ottowitz recently moved to Joncey Drive and lives on a dead-end street with cornfields surrounding his home. He pointed out that the road would create noise and congestion.

“We moved out of Rockford to get away from it,” he stated. “We paid more for this land. Now, there’s no chance of selling. I’m very disappointed.”

Rod Chambers, who lives in the Willowbrook Subdivision said, “There’s no need for another north/south road.”

Jim Faragher is running for alderman on the Beloit City Council and came to the open house to learn about residents’ concerns and grasp his city’s proposed casino’s impact. “I’m sure there’s going to be both positive and negative effects,” he remarked.

Many local residents ask why the Perryville extension was necessary when I-90 is directly to the east; and directly to the west, improvements to Hwy. 251 and its service roads would be cheaper and less harmful.

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