Perle: U.S. will attack, weapons or no

Perle: U.S. will attack, weapons or no

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

London’s The Mirror reported over the weekend that Richard Perle, the number one cheerleader for Israel in the Bush administration, told the British Parliament that the U.S. will attack Iraq even if inspectors find no weapons of mass destruction in that country.

Perle insisted a “clean bill of health” from chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix would not stop America’s war machine.

Perle told an all-party session on global security that if just one person says Saddam Hussein has or is making weapons, it will be enough to launch a military onslaught against Iraq.

Former British Defense Minister Peter Kilfoyle was stunned when Perle made his statement. Kilfoyle said: “America is duping the world into believing it supports these inspections. President Bush intends to go to war even if inspectors find nothing. This makes a mockery of the whole process and exposes America’s real determination to bomb Iraq.”

The Rock River Times has been saying and reiterates that Bush’s objective has nothing to do with Saddam or weapons; it is to seize Iraq’s oil, now estimated by some to comprise as much as 25 percent of the world’s supply.

Perle, chairman of the U.S. Defense Policy Board, told the Parliament members: “Suppose we are able to find someone who has been involved in the development of weapons, and he says there are stores of nerve agents, but you cannot find them because they are so well hidden.

“Do you actually have to take possession of the nerve agents to convince? We are not dealing with a situation where you can expect cooperation.”

Kilfoyle commented: “Because Saddam is so hated in Iraq, it would be easy to find someone to say they witnessed weapons building. Perle says the Americans would be satisfied with such claims even if no real evidence was produced. That’s a terrifying prospect.”

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