Perryville alignments presented—meeting next

Perryville alignments presented—meeting next

By Shellie Berg

By Shellie Berg

Staff Reporter

In the midst of the proposed Perryville extension creating ire among conservationists and neaby road residents, county engineer Joe Vanderwerff presented to opponents and board members five possible alignments Thursday.

At the Winnebago County Courthouse, Vanderwerff discussed the alignments that were laid out on a large map. He noted the county highway department wanted to inform the county board about the details of the alignments the highway department has studied for the past six to eight months.

Vanderwerff distributed to members a packet containing the “advantages” and “disadvantages” of the alignments.

Alignment 1A possesses good access control due to length of roadway on new alignment, according to the county. “That alignment we moved to the east to get a better crossing of Elevator Road,” Vanderwerff said. “We’ll have a major intersection at Elevator Road.”

Other cited advantages include the fact that the effects on the flood plain are less, since the new crossing over South Kinnikinnick Creek shadows Stone Bridge Trail.

The county contends that an adverse effect of this longest alignment is that the right-of-way would be impacted because much of the land would be taken, as well as 10 homes and a church.

A further cited disadvantage is the lengthy alignment and the right-of-way would carry hefty costs.

Alignment 1B nearly mirrors 1A, except the roadway is the second longest of alignments studied. It would include the acquisition of a portion of a property proposed for a cemetery.

The county states that some of the positive facets of 1C’s alignment are the natural storm water detention area, and the businesses along Elevator Road west of the alignment won’t be affected. Moreover, this alignment and 2A are the shortest potential pathways.

However, a downfall is that Willow Brook Road north of McCurry Road would pose challenges to accesses. And although a small amount of acreage would be used, the county would acquire 10 houses, thus increasing the road’s cost.

Alignment 2A’s advantageous aspects are the alignment would use up the least amount of land and cost less. The roadway also wouldn’t affect businesses on Elevator Road.

Alignment 2B consists of a loop starting at Rockton Road that will supposedly have better access control there. The road also would receive the least amount of impact on the Stone Bridge Trail and existing businesses.

But the roadway would need extra right-of-way to construct the loop, and constructions are higher because of the loop. Other hurdles are that the flood plains will embody adverse impacts because of the location of the new crossing over South Kinnikinnick

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Officials to hear concerns at a public open house will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. Jan. 10 at Prairie Hill School on 14714 Willowbrook Road.

People will get to view the alignments and ask the highway department questions. They can make written and oral statements, and the county will accept written statements until Jan. 24. Vanderwerff said that after the meeting, the highway department will take into account input to choose the best possible alignment and make a recommendation to the county board.

Perryville/Willow Brook road alignments

Estimated costs

From Illinois Route 173 to State Line RoadConstruction

Right of way

Prof. services

Totals Alignment 1A Alignment 1B Alignment 1C Alignment 2A Alignment 2B

$29,203,000 $29,122,000 $28,804,000 $28,650,000 $28,955,000

$4,290,000 $4,280,000 $3,320,000 $2,270,000 $2,440,000

$550,000 $550,000 $550,000 $550,000 $550,000

$34,043,000 $33,952,000 $32,674,000 $31,470,000 $31,945,000

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