Photo comparison shows Dec. 13 bin Laden tape a fake

Photo comparison shows Dec. 13 bin Laden tape a fake


Controversy still surrounds the video tape released by the U.S. Government on Dec. 13.

Many observers, including the editorial staff here at The Rock River Times, noticed that the person who is purported to be Osama bin Laden, didn’t look like all the other previously released footage and published photos of the real bin Laden.

We noted that whoever it was in the Dec. 13 footage, his nose was more bulbous, and his face was fuller than the real bin Laden.

Sam Lacey sent photo outtakes from the footage above to, and the pictures tell more of the story.

Not only is the real bin Laden’s nose more bulbous or broader, his nose is obviously twice as long as the man’s nose in the tape. The face widths do not match, nor do the lengths.

Also, we noted that the voice blurring was a very convenient opportunity for creative editing.

Even bin Laden’s mother agrees. Reuters News Service reported that the newspaper the London Mail on Sunday had a Saudi journalist interview his mother, Alia Gahanem.

She said, “The voice is unclear and uneven. There are too many gaps, and the statements are very unlike him.”

Then add in the new “discovery” just released by the U.S. Government of three names on the tape that they had missed before.

All this, despite the fact the administration said the tape had been carefully reviewed by independent experts and translators, hence its delayed release.

Editorial comment: Whoever produced this tape must have seen the movie Wag the Dog. Whoever made this tape has stepped into the realm of life imitating art.

This tape art is obviously fraudulent, and the fact that the Bush administration released it as reality speaks of either their incompetence in analysis or a desperate attempt to deceive the public.

In either case, the Bush administration needs to retract the tape, apologize for the propaganda and provide hard evidence of bin Laden’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks, which they supposedly have.

By the way, where is the mainstream media on this story?

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