Pistol Pete records live at Big Cities

July 1, 1993

Pistol Pete records live at Big Cities

By Lisa Palmeno

By Lisa Palmeno

Staff Writer

Pistol Pete recorded sessions for his new CD, Pistol Pete Live at Big Cities on February 22 and 23 with guest performances from many local musicians.

Pete, who is producing the album himself, set up two recorders at the club, a small DAT (digital audio taping) and a 16-track multi-recording machine called an ADAT (audio digital audio taping). He says he will take the recording and listen to it, from the first set Friday night until the end of Saturday night. He will choose the best ones, writing down who is playing on those songs. He calls it “salvaging.”

Working without an actual core band, Pete describes his projects and gigs as “almost like the Frank Zappa thing with Mothers of Invention, with maybe one main guy playing but always someone different,” and says that the path he’s taking now is working very well for him. He added, however, that “Chris Schach is the main bass player for Pistol Pete.”

As for what songs he will choose for his third CD, Pete says it will be a combination of covers and originals but mostly originals. He hopes to be able to use “Creature of the Night,” “Never Die,” “The Year 2029,” “Psychedelic Blues Band,” and especially “Blind Man.”

Either way, the finished product promises to be full of the string-breaking spectacular riffs, eclectic arrangements, heavy bass lines, and high volume for which Pete is known.

Pistol Pete would like to thank all the musicians of Rockford for coming down to Big Cities, playing, and supporting the music scene.

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